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MAICON is returning virtually in 2021! 

We are hosting a virtual edition of MAICON in 2021. Details coming soon.

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Plan Your MAICON Agenda

To help you better plan your sessions and time at MAICON, we introduced a track-based model this year. Programming spans seven tracks: Business of AI, Advertising, Content Marketing, Conversational, Data & Analytics, Email Marketing and Wildcard (Research/Sales/Search/Social Media). Each track is designed to deep dive into a specific topic area through a mix of solo presentations, panels and case study sessions. 

Business of AI Track, July 15-16

The Business of AI track covers the high-level organizational issues facing marketers tasked with AI implementation. This includes topics such as: bias, compliance, culture, ethics, humanization of brands, jobs, digital transformation, adoption and privacy. Sessions include: 

  • 3 Misconceptions of AI and What to Do About Them [solo]


Content Marketing Track, July 15

From research and planning to production and performance monitoring, content marketing is one of the top areas in the industry where we're seeing AI make an impact. In this track, learn how AI can help you produce stronger, more effective content quicker. Sessions include:


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Conversational AI Track, July 15

AI can help augment our human abilities to better connect us with consumers in more personal, meaningful ways. Sessions in our conversational AI track touch on how voice and chat assistants can help marketers and salespeople scale outreach, personalize communications and, ultimately, meet prospects where they are. Sessions include:

  • TBA [solo]
  • TBA [case study]
  • TBA [panel]

Wildcard Track, July 15

The Wildcard track spans the topics of sales, social, search and research with a series of panels, designed to give you multiple perspectives of what's possible with AI in each of these disciplines. Sessions include: 


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Advertising Track, July 16

AI is transforming what is possible in the world of advertising at every level, from ad creation to audience targeting to ad buying. Sessions in this track will touch on the impact of AI on digital advertising and the careers of marketers who plan and run ad campaigns. Sessions include: 

  • How to Achieve Actual Business Outcomes with Native Advertising [case study]
  • TBA [panel]


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Data & Analytics Track, July 16

Track sponsored by PandataResized Pandata

The underlying engine behind AI applications is data. Sessions in this track touch on what data is needed, how to manage that data, and how data can be used to fuel growth. Sessions include:


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Email Marketing Track, July 16

Track sponsored by rasa.ionew_rasa_io-logo_colors-black-500px

AI gives email marketers the capability to run a bunch of little experiments, and make predictions and decisions based on data—at scale. In this track, learn how you can use AI to improve email subject lines, optimize send time, and more. Sessions include: 

  • TBA [solo]
  • TBA [solo]
  • TBA [case study]


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