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New Book from Marketing Score Creator Explores the Convergence of Marketing Talent, Technology and Strategy
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By: Jessica Miller

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August 5th, 2014

New Book from Marketing Score Creator Explores the Convergence of Marketing Talent, Technology and Strategy

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book-marketing-performance-blueprint-greybg-2“Marketing is now, as it has always been, an art form. But the next generation of marketers understands it can be so much more. These innovators are rewriting what is possible when the art and science of marketing collide.”

Paul Roetzer (@paulroetzer), from The Marketing Performance Blueprint 

The marketing industry continues to transform at an unprecedented rate. The result?  Growing gaps in marketing talent, technology and strategy.

As Dan Lyons (@realdanlyons) reported from Adobe’s 2014 summit for digital marketers: “Adobe claims that 60% of marketers expect their role to change in the next year, and 40% believe they need to reinvent themselves, but only 14% actually know how to do it.”

The future of your business—and your marketing career—depends on your ability to continually adapt. The Marketing Performance Blueprint presents the processes, technologies, and strategies needed to fill marketing gaps and build performance-driven organizations. Step by step, the book shows how to tap into a scientific approach to marketing that can help steer organizations to advance their businesses, exceed ROI expectations, and outperform the competition.

“If you think that marketing is about out-spending and shouting louder than your competition, then The Marketing Performance Blueprint is for you. Roetzer does a phenomenal job of demonstrating the power of just how much marketing, strategy and technology has changed to make brands so much more efficient. If you’re still worrying about likes, friends and followers and not working on the true performance of your marketing spend, you really need to read this book and deploy the thinking of it in your organization. Now.”

— Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel), President, Twist Image,
and Author, Six Pixels of Separation and CTRL ALT Delete


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The Marketing Performance Blueprint, At A Glance. 

At its core, The Marketing Performance Blueprint is a story about the convergence of marketing talent, technology and strategy. Its ten chapters follow the shift in the digital marketing transformation—across talent, technology and performance—then walk readers through a game plan for digital strategy that adapts with the latest.

Section I: The Backstory

    • Chapter 1: Mind the Gaps
    • Chapter 2: Commit to Digital Transformation

Section II: Marketing Talent

    • Chapter 3: Build a Modern Marketing Team
    • Chapter 4: Construct an Internal Marketing Academy
    • Chapter 5: Propel Growth through Agency Partners

Section III: Marketing Technology

    • Chapter 6: Create a Connected Customer Experience
    • Chapter 7: Manage the Marketing Technology Matrix 

Section IV: Marketing Strategy

    • Chapter 8: Perform a Marketing Assessment
    • Chapter 9: Develop a Marketing Scorecard
    • Chapter 10: Strategize a Marketing Game Plan 

For more on each chapter, and how your organization can drive growth, review the full chapter summaries here 



Download Your Free Chapter:

Commit to a Digital Transformation

To preview what you’ll find within the book, download a free copy of chapter 2—“Commit to Digital Transformation.” Within the chapter, Roetzer discusses the digital transformation imperative, and considers opportunities to overcome the challenges businesses of all sizes face. With the right digital transformation, marketing is intelligent, measureable, and powerful.

Purchase your copy of The Marketing Performance Blueprint on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or 800CEOread.   




About Jessica Miller

Jessica Miller is VP and managing director of PR 20/20, where she guides strategy and performance, and champions the ongoing pursuit of building a great marketing firm. For more than a decade, Jessica has built lasting partnerships that connect marketing strategy to bottom-line business outcomes. Jessica joined PR 20/20 in 2011 with global agency experience. She is a graduate of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University. Full bio.

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