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MAICON 2024 Agenda

Three days of workshops,
keynotes and breakout sessions
to help you understand the potential of AI.
Join us Sept. 10 - 12, 2024!


Conference Agenda

Whether you're a hands-on practitioner or a strategic leader, we are tailoring sessions that cater to your unique aspirations and concerns.

Our 2024 main stage will focus on AI vision and innovation, whereas our breakout rooms will center on two core tracks: Applied AI and Strategic AI

Applied AI sessions will focus on use cases, real-world applications, practical know-how, and tools and technologies. Each session will be designed for the practitioner to help them take action now! 

Strategic AI sessions will focus on topics relevant to your organization's leaders, with sessions on privacy, ethics, legal, talent and training, and more. Join high-level discussions centered on AI's strategic impact on marketing departments. 

** All times are shown in Eastern.


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It's time to start using and scaling artificial intelligence in your marketing.