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Plan Your Trip to Cleveland

Make the most of your time (or extend your trip into the weekend!), and check out a few of Cleveland’s main attractions.

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Visiting Cleveland

Top Cleveland Attractions

Are you into sports, art or music? We’ve got it all. Below, browse a few family-friendly activities:

Don’t stop there! Visit Destination Cleveland for more ideas. And see below for events happening the week you're in town! 

And when you get hungry, check out a few of our favorite places:


Event Week Local Events - What To Do in Cleveland the Week of August 1

There is a lot happening when you're in town.

Aside from the above venues---Cedar Point, the museums, and gardens---consider some of the following events taking place during MAICON week:

Monday, August 1: 

Tuesday, August 2:

Wednesday, August 3: 

Thursday, August 4: 

Friday, August 5: 

Saturday, August 6: 


Additional Visitor Resources

In addition to Destination Cleveland, we recommend checking out the following articles for more on exciting things to do and see while in town.

We look forward to showing you around! 

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