The Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON)

Workshops to Plan, Pilot, and Scale Marketing AI

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Given how rapidly the COVID-19 outbreak is evolving across the globe, MAICON 2020 has been cancelled. MAICON will return July 13 - 15, 2021 to the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland.

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The Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON) features four workshops preceding the conference on Tuesday, July 14 from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. In the workshops, marketing, and sales experts will teach you to plan, pilot, and scale marketing AI technologies within respective disciplines. Workshops are an add-on to full conference passes. Seating is limited, so reserve your spot today!

The Intelligently Automated Agency

Marketing AI workshops at the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON)

Artificial intelligence presents ways for agencies to create more value faster, as well as automate, augment, and accelerate their operations—improving results for clients and the bottom line. This workshop shows agency owners how to make their companies more profitable, competitive, and attractive to clients.

  • Discover how AI can automate repetitive, manual tasks, freeing up talent to pursue higher value and higher profit activities, as well as increase margins.
  • Enhance the value of the work you already do for clients by augmenting human creatives with machine systems to personalize, produce, and perform at scale.
  • Uncover strategies to turn AI from buzzword into a business development tool that drives performance and opens up new profitable pathways.

Machine Learning 101 for Marketers

Machine learning is the technology that powers advanced artificial intelligence systems, which gives marketers the ability to plan, produce, promote, personalize and perform like never before. You don’t need a computer science degree and years of formal training to understand and apply it. You’ll come away from the session able to speak knowledgeably about machine learning, and stand prepared to implement it in your organization. 

  • Learn what machine learning is (in plain English) and how it works.
  • Discover how machine learning can be used to drive performance in marketing and sales.
  • Gain actionable insights on how to get started with machine learning in your business.

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Artificial Intelligence and Data for Beginners

Artificial intelligence has an almost infinite ability to process data in ways that create tremendous value for marketers. But how do brands go from reading about AI to actually using it?

It starts with asking the right questions about your data. Data powers all artificial intelligence solutions. What AI can and can’t do for your brand depends on the type and amount of data you have. 

In this highly interactive workshop, we will cover: 

  • Data quality and how it impacts expected outcomes. Using a series of hands-on experiences, we will demonstrate how inputting biased data could result in bad or unfavorable decisions. 
  • Vendor evaluation, and the questions to ask related to your data to ensure the technology will work for you as planned. 
  • How to navigate internal access to data, including best practices for successfully collaborating with others outside the marketing department.
  • Ethics and the appropriate use of data, as it relates to ownership, consent, privacy and transparency. 
  • Case studies of companies that have successfully leveraged their data to solve complex business problems and the lessons they learned along the way.


Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Marketers

More than half of U.S. healthcare leaders expect widespread AI adoption by 2023, according to research conducted by Intel.

However, transformation doesn’t happen overnight. To become an AI-first marketing organization, healthcare organizations must look at their talent, data, technology and strategy differently.

  • Understand what AI is, how it works, and how it will impact your healthcare organization.
  • Discuss the data needed for AI success and how this relates to protected health information, and HIPAA and COPPA compliance.
  • Discuss the opportunities and challenges marketing AI presents to healthcare organizations.
  • Learn best practices for driving adoption and buy-in across your marketing and leadership teams.
  • Hear from others in the healthcare industry who are actively piloting and scaling AI within their organizations,
    and the lessons they have learned along the way


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