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MAICON Workshops

Attendees dove deep into specific marketing AI topics in our pre-conference workshops.

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MAICON Workshops

Pre-Conference Workshops

MAICON 2022 featured three workshops preceding the conference on Wednesday, August 3 from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. Workshops were an add-on to full conference passes. 

The Next-Gen Agency

AI presents an opportunity for agencies to drive bottom-line results through improved service delivery, heightened efficiencies and new revenue streams. In this workshop, attendees learned how AI can: 

  • Increase service margins by automating manual, repetitive tasks.

  • Grow profits, and provide more value to clients, without growing headcount. 

  • Free up human resources to focus on high-value services, strategy, and client relationships.

  • Differentiate from your competitors through the use of smarter technology. 

  • Unlock new revenue streams through AI-powered service offerings. 

Attendees walked away from this workshop with the knowledge and tools needed to become a next-gen agency. 

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MAICON Workshops

Responsible AI for Next-Gen Marketers

Data powers all AI solutions, and there are endless ways to process your data to create tremendous value for marketers. However, using the wrong data—or selecting a vendor that uses the data improperly—can have a detrimental impact on your project, brand, and society as whole.

In this workshop, Cal Al-Dhubaib, CEO and AI Evangelist at Pandata, led an interactive discussion about ethics and appropriate use of data, as it relates to ownership, consent, privacy, and transparency. 

In this session, attendees learned:

  • About the biases that could be hidden in your datasets, processes, and marketing strategies.

  • Best practices to design more ethical AI systems.

  • Frameworks to hold marketing AI vendors accountable for their use of data.

In addition to learning the fundamentals related to the appropriate use of data, attendees participated in small-group discussions and role-play scenarios to understand how bias can creep into datasets, and to assess the risks and ethical challenges that can result from using AI for content, categorization, predication, and recommender engines, among other marketing functions.

Workshop attendees also collaborated to create an Ethical AI Checklist for Marketers, which outlines the core principles every decision should be evaluated against to ensure the responsible use of marketing AI. This template provides a starting point and a guide for any organization seeking to perform next-gen marketing activities in an ethical, humane way that also drives business value.

With AI comes great responsibility. Attendees left this workshop with the tools their organization needs to ask smart questions both internally and of vendors, and to critically evaluate the impact and unforeseen consequences your decisions could have on stakeholders.

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Cal Al-Dhubaib: AI Speaker

The Next-Gen Marketing Leader

AI creates opportunities for marketing leaders to reshape their strategies, processes and teams to deliver unprecedented results, but it also presents its own set of challenges. In this workshop, attendees learned why these technologies are so transformative, and how to go about implementing them within their organization. 

They also learned the prerequisites and data needed to jumpstart an AI-based project, how to identify quick-win pilot projects within your marketing department, and finally how to expand these efforts throughout your organization through internal processes, knowledge transfer and best practice development. 

As technology evolves, so too should your marketing. Attendees left this workshop more equipped to lead in an era where technology brings both opportunity and uncertainty.

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MAICON Workshops

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It's time to start using and scaling artificial intelligence in your marketing.

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