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July 2019

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"Almost 85% of executives believe AI will allow their companies to obtain or sustain a competitive advantage. But only about one in five companies has incorporated AI in some offerings or processes.” — MIT Sloan Management Review and BCG, Reshaping Business with Artificial Intelligence

The Next Frontier in Digital Marketing Transformation

Yext-Onward-Roetzer-AI-2 copyYou use artificial intelligence dozens, if not hundreds, of times everyday. From choosing recommended shows on Netflix, to navigating trips in Google Maps, asking questions of Siri and Alexa, ordering products on Amazon, reading your Facebook Newsfeed, and unlocking the iPhone with facial recognition.

In short, your life is already machine assisted, and your marketing will be too.

AI makes things more convenient, more simple, and more personalized. And, the real magic of AI is that consumers often have no idea it’s there. Things just work, better.

Marketers who take the initiative to understand AI and find AI-powered solutions to business challenges will be able to intelligently automate time-intensive, data-driven activities; unearth hidden insights in analytics; activate unused data; augment predictive capabilities; and execute personalized campaigns of unprecedented complexity that drive meaningful business results.

But, how do you get started?

How do you figure out which use cases to prioritize? And, how do you navigate the hundreds of vendors touting AI, machine learning and deep learning capabilities?

Welcome to the inaugural Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON)—an event for practitioners and leaders seeking to drive the next frontier of digital marketing transformation within their organizations. The conference will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, July 2019.

MAICON is built to help marketers:

  • Understand AI: Discover terminology, use cases, case studies, trends and technologies.
  • Strategize AI: Access processes, best practices, tools, templates and resources.
  • Experience AI: Engage in workshops, labs, interactive exhibits and a science fair.
  • Activate AI: Explore the opportunities and challenges of piloting and scaling AI in your organization.
  • Improve AI: Monitor, measure and adapt based on performance.


Why Attend?

Artificial intelligence has reached peak hype stage, but is it possible that its potential to transform marketing, and your career, is even greater than advertised?

Gartner forecasts global business value derived from AI is projected to reach $1.9 trillion in 2019, ramping up to $3.9 trillion in 2022 through three primary sources of customer experience, cost reduction and new revenue.

Meanwhile, McKinsey Global Institute projects up to a $6 trillion impact of AI and other analytics on marketing and sales, including the areas of pricing and promotion ($1.9T), customer service management ($1.0T), next product to buy/individualized offering ($1.0T), customer acquisition/lead generation ($0.7T), marketing budget allocation ($0.6T), churn reduction ($0.38T) and channel management ($0.32T).


MAICON takes you beyond the splashy headlines and industry jargon to explore the business and practice of AI through workshops, keynotes and breakout sessions. You’ll learn what’s possible now, and in the near future, through the eyes of the marketers, analysts and AI experts who are leading the way.

  • Explore how AI is augmenting marketers' knowledge and capabilities, and altering consumer expectations for brand experiences.
  • Learn the 5Ps of Marketing AI framework—planning, production, promotion, personalization and performance—and explore hundreds of use cases to make your marketing more intelligent.
  • Discover dozens of AI-powered marketing technologies that can give you and your brand superpowers.
  • Gain access to the resources, contacts and tools needed to advance your company and career.
  • Join a community of forward-thinking marketers who are pushing the limits of what’s possible through AI.


Attendees will hear from speakers who are driving real business value with AI across industries and marketing functions. Session themes will include:

  • Adoption and integration
  • Brand management
  • Compliance
  • Customer experience
  • Data management
  • Efficiency and cost reduction
  • Ethics
  • Performance
  • Personalization
  • Productivity
  • Privacy
  • Strategy
  • Talent
  • Technology
  • Value creation



Registration Opens October 2018!

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Who Should Attend?

The event is designed for marketing change agents and leaders of agencies, enterprises and higher-education institutions.

The content is applicable to professionals across all marketing categories, including: advertising, analytics, brand marketing, content marketing, conversation marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, marketing technology, public relations, research, sales, SEO, social media marketing, and strategy. 

MAICON largely caters to non-technical audiences, meaning you do not need a background in data science or programming to understand and apply what you learn. The attendees who will benefit most from the conference include:

  • Chief Marketing Officers
  • Chief Innovation Officers
  • Chief Strategy Officers
  • Vice Presidents
  • Directors
  • Managers
  • Strategists
  • Specialists
  • Higher education leaders
  • Agency executives
  • Investors


Approachable. Actionable. AI.

Artificial intelligence is an umbrella term for a collection of powerful tools, technologies and algorithms used to make machines smart, which, in turn, enhance human knowledge and capabilities.

AI includes popular terms such as machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, natural language generation, and image recognition, all of which give brands the power to drive unparalleled productivity, profitability and performance. The early adopters will have a distinct, and potentially insurmountable, competitive advantage. 

But, marketing AI is a crowded and confusing space with lots of hype and buzzwords. It’s hard for marketers to find the AI technologies they can trust to move their brands, and careers, forward. 

Image Source: Jurgen Appelo

MAICON will cut through the noise to deliver case studies, resources and actionable insights, and answer critical questions to accelerate your understanding and adoption of AI:

  • What is AI, machine learning and deep learning?
  • What can we learn from the intelligent automation of other industries?
  • How can marketers use AI to augment their knowledge and capabilities?
  • What are the primary AI use cases marketers should be exploring?
  • What are the limitations of AI as it exists today?
  • What are the greatest obstacles marketers may face in integrating AI?
  • What are the ethical challenges brands will face as marketing technology becomes more intelligent?
  • How can brands become more human in the age of intelligent automation?
  • Which brands are leading the way in the adoption of AI?
  • How can marketers find and assess marketing AI vendors?
  • Can AI replace marketers now, or in the future?
  • What skills should marketers learn to stay relevant in the age of marketing AI?
  • Where should marketers turn for AI education and training?
  • How does AI affect higher education?
  • How will AI transform marketing agencies and marketing teams?
  • How do you measure AI ROI?
  • How should marketers get started with AI?
  • How will AI impact advertising, analytics, content marketing, email marketing, marketing automation, public relations, research, sales, SEO and social media marketing?


More Intelligent. More Human.

Artificial intelligence enables professionals across all marketing categories to solve problems and achieve goals more efficiently at scale than with traditional marketing technology solutions. 

  • Planning: Building intelligent strategies.
  • Production: Creating intelligent content.
  • Personalization: Powering intelligent consumer experiences.
  • Promotion: Managing intelligent cross-channel and cross-device promotions.
  • Performance: Turning data into intelligence.


In the process of making marketing more intelligent, AI has the potential to make brands more human by enabling marketers to focus increasing time and energy on listening, relationship building, creativity, culture and community. AI should make us better people, professionals and brands. 

A strategic approach to solving problems, identifying use cases and integrating AI is essential. New AI technologies and capabilities are emerging daily, so organizations that want to establish a competitive advantage, and stay ahead, must remain nimble.

There’s no roadmap for where this is going, so we invite you to help us figure it out, together.

Registration Opens October 2018!

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About the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute

PR 20/20 launched the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute in November 2016 with the mission to: “Educate modern marketers on the present and future potential of artificial intelligence, and connect them with AI-powered technologies that can drive marketing performance and transform their careers.”

Since that time we’ve published more than 200 blog posts designed to make AI approachable and actionable for marketers, and our founder, Paul Roetzer, has given more than 50 AI presentations at industry conferences and corporate events. 

As part of the content strategy, we’ve written Spotlights on 40+ AI-powered companies with more than $1 billion in combined funding, which you can learn about through our free, ungated tools—AI Score for Marketers and The Marketing AI Buyer’s Guide.