The Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON)

Workshops to Plan, Pilot, and Scale Marketing AI


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academy horiz rgb colorThe Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON) features five workshops preceding the conference on Tuesday, July 16 from 1 p.m. - 4 p.m. In the workshops, marketing, and sales experts will teach you to plan, pilot, and scale marketing AI technologies within respective disciplines. Workshops are an add-on to full conference passes. Seating is limited, so reserve your spot today!

The Intelligently Automated Agency

Marketing AI workshops at the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON)

Artificial intelligence presents ways for agencies to create more value faster, as well as automate, augment, and accelerate their operations—improving results for clients and the bottom line. This workshop shows agency owners how to make their companies more profitable, competitive, and attractive to clients.

  • Discover how AI can automate repetitive, manual tasks, freeing up talent to pursue higher value and higher profit activities, as well as increase margins.
  • Enhance the value of the work you already do for clients by augmenting human creatives with machine systems to personalize, produce, and perform at scale.
  • Uncover strategies to turn AI from buzzword into a business development tool that drives performance and opens up new profitable pathways.

Workshop speakers include Keith Moehring, VP of Strategic Growth, PR 20/20 and Jessica Miller, VP and Managing Director, PR 20/20. PR 20/20 is the Cleveland-based marketing consulting and services firm powering MAICON. 

Moehring has 13 years of experience in the digital marketing space, specializing in technology and analytics. Keith is responsible for overseeing the technologies used to support and grow client accounts, as well as finding new ways to use platforms and partnerships to improve and expand the agency’s service offering. In this role, he’s used Natural Language Generation to automate internal reporting, client facing analytics reports and consultative sales communications. In addition, he’s assessed and activated AI technologies to help scale and improve the performance of client content campaigns.

Miller guides strategy and performance for the agency and its clients. Miller champions the achievement of the agency’s near-term financial goals and the ongoing pursuit of building a great marketing consulting and services firm. With more than a decade of experience, she has partnered with hundreds of organizations—from startups to Fortune 500s—with the goal of connecting marketing strategy and performance to bottom-line business outcomes.  

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Machine Learning 101 for Marketers

Machine learning is the technology that powers advanced artificial intelligence systems, which give marketers the ability to plan, produce, promote, personalize, and perform like never before. But to deeply understand it, you need a computer science degree and years of formal training.

This workshop is here to help. You’ll come away from the session able to speak knowledgeably about machine learning, and stand prepared to implement it in your organization.

  • Learn what machine learning is (in plain English) and how it works.
  • Discover how machine learning can be used to drive performance in marketing and sales.
  • Gain actionable insights on how to get started with machine learning in your business.

This workshop will be led by Jim Sterne, Co-Founder and Director Emeritus, Digital Analytics Association. Sterne has an impressive track record looking over the horizon and telling the rest of us what to expect. He wrote his first book, World Web Marketing in 1995, wrote Web Metrics in 2002 and Artificial Intelligence for Marketing in 2017. This year, he explains how robots will help you do your job and how they will transform marketing forever. Your professional, digital agents can work by your side to get the right message to the right person at the right time.

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Artificial Intelligence in Advertising 101

AI is transforming how brands buy and place digital ads. In fact, AI systems exist today that can automatically buy and test ads, write copy, and allocate budgets by channel. This workshop will give you a deep understanding of how to use AI to drive efficiency and performance in your digital advertising.

  • Understand how AI is used in advertising today, and how it’s impacting the way brands do business.
  • Learn how you can start preparing your organization and career for AI’s advertising takeover.
  • Uncover specific AI tools and vendors you can start using today to supercharge your digital advertising program.

This workshop will be led by William Ammerman, EVP of Digital Media. Ammerman delivers the unique perspective of a digital practitioner with decades of hands-on marketing experience coupled with post-graduate work in programmatic advertising and artificial intelligence. He is currently the Executive Vice President at Engaged Media where he manages digital titles across the lifestyle, outdoor and automotive segments. As a former VP over digital advertising at Tribune Media, he had a front-row seat to witness massive changes in digital communication technology and played an active role in applying that technology to online advertising and marketing. He recently finished writing a book, The Invisible Brand: Marketing in the Age of Automation, Big Data, and Machine Learning, which is being published by McGraw-Hill on May 24, 2019. The book covers topics including voice-base interfaces, digital assistants, personalization, deep learning and the human-computer relationship.

R.J. Talyor, Founder and CEO, Pattern89, will be featured within the workshop. Talyor is CEO and Founder of Pattern89, an AI platform for digital ads. A 15-year tech and startup veteran, Talyor led teams at ExactTarget and Salesforce prior to launching Pattern89. Recognized as one of IBJ’s 40 Under 40, Talyor is a father of four, a national-champion swimmer and an amateur birdwatcher.

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Artificial Intelligence for Content Marketing + Email 101

AI can help brands create, promote, and optimize their content and email marketing at scale. But finding the right tools and strategies to get started can be challenging. This workshop shows you exactly how to start using AI in your content and email programs.

The result? A potentially insurmountable advantage over competitors still creating content and email campaigns in a completely manual fashion.

  • Create intelligent content and email strategies that target the right people, talk about the right topics, and get audiences to take action.
  • Augment your current content and email production teams with robust AI tools, so they can produce better assets in less time.
  • Scale your content and email marketing programs by using AI to create, test, and optimize.

This workshop will be led by Mike Kaput, Director of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute and Senior Consultant at PR 20/20. Kaput is a senior consultant and strategist at PR 20/20 who uses digital marketing to help companies grow. In 2015, Mike became intrigued by how artificial intelligence was going to shape the future of marketing, and of society at large. Over the past three years, he's written 150+ articles on the subject for the Marketing AI Institute, an organization that makes AI approachable and actionable for marketers. Today, Mike is the Institute's director, helping marketing and business leaders better understand how AI can become their competitive advantage.

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How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence for Sales Enablement 

Designed for marketing managers who enable sales or sales operations managers working closely with marketing, this workshop explores the possibilities of using AI for different sales stages. Pam Didner will share how AI can help sales from on-boarding, to lead follow-up, to statement-of-work documentation. In addition, Didner will provide examples of how AI-based platforms can help sales engage with prospects and close deals.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Identify opportunities to leverage AI at different sales stages.
  • Develop an actionable plan to incorporate AI initiatives in their organizations.
  • Discover specific AI tools to pilot for their sales operations.


This workshop will be led by Pam Didner, B2B and Tech Consultant and Author, Global Content Marketing and Effective Sales Enablement. Pam Didner is a marketing consultant, writer, and speaker. Author of two books: Global Content Marketing and Effective Sales Enablement. She has given presentations and workshops in the US, Europe, South America and Asia. Her forte is to create successful global marketing plans that meet local marketing and sales teams' needs. She also specializes in sales, marketing, and internal/external communications consulting, keynote presentations, corporate training, and workshops. She shares marketing thoughts at and contributes articles to the Guardian, HuffPost, Content Marketing Institute, and other publications.

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