The Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON)

July 16-18, 2019

Cleveland, OH USA


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 Artificial Intelligence Can Be Your Competitive Advantage

Gartner and McKinsey Global Institute forecast trillions of dollars in annual impact from artificial intelligence, yet most marketers still struggle to understand what AI is and how to pilot it in their organizations.

We are in the infancy of AI adoption as an industry. You and your organization have the opportunity now to be proactive in advancing knowledge and capabilities before your competitors beat you to it.

AI does not replace humans in most instances, but, rather, enhances human knowledge and capabilities. In essence, AI can give marketers and brands superpowers. Marketers who take the initiative to learn and experiment with AI will be able to:

  • Drive revenue growth.
  • Increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Generate greater ROI on marketing spend.

So, how do you get started with, and scale, artificial intelligence in your marketing? Welcome to the inaugural Marketing Artificial intelligence Conference (MAICON).


MAICON brings together top authors, entrepreneurs, AI researchers and executives to share case studies, strategies and technologies that make AI approachable and actionable for marketers.

The event will be held at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland, and features keynotes, breakout sessions, interactive workshops and immersive experiences.

MAICON is designed to help marketing leaders truly understand AI, educate their teams, garner executive support, pilot priority AI uses cases, and develop a near-term strategy for successfully scaling AI.

The event is targeting director-level and above marketers, and largely caters to non-technical audiences, meaning attendees do not need backgrounds in analytics, data science or programming to understand and apply what they learn.

Join us, and hundreds of your marketing peers, as we explore the next frontier in digital marketing transformation.


Featured Speakers

View the full list of MAICON speakers here.


Mitch Joel, Founder, Six Pixels Group


Mark Kirschner, CMO, Albert

KarenKaren Hao, Artificial Intelligence Reporter, MIT Technology Review


Chris Penn, Co-Founder and Chief Innovator, Think Insights


Allie K. Miller, Lead Product Manager, IBM Watson


Paul Roetzer, Founder, Marketing AI Institute

Insightful Keynotes

Top marketing AI professionals share case studies, methodologies, and technologies.

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Interactive Workshops

Five workshops deep-diving into specific marketing AI topics precede the conference.

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Networking and Entertainment

Evening networking events help attendees make meaningful connections.

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