3 Fascinating Case Studies of AI Success in Content Marketing
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Ashley Sams

By: Ashley Sams

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April 21st, 2021

3 Fascinating Case Studies of AI Success in Content Marketing

You keep hearing about how your business needs understand and leverage artificial intelligence and related technologies like machine learning, deep learning, image recognition, and computer vision.

That's no easy feat. But it's worth it. That's because AI has the ability to create and deliver content at scale while freeing up your team to spend more time on creative tasks. In fact, it's a no brainer to consider an AI application for your work.

Yet many marketers are left wondering how to actually implement AI capabilities and AI tools into their content marketing strategies.

So, while you learn more about AI, we wanted to show you what's possible using AI technology today.

To do that, we've pulled together three case studies of real companies using AI and machine learning applications for content marketing.

1. How Tomorrow Sleep Boosted Web Traffic 10,000%

Sleep system startup Tomorrow Sleep started creating content shortly after its launch with the hope of attracting droves of web visitors.

After several months of pushing out top-quality content and manually tracking and analyzing keyword analytics, they were averaging around 4,000 users to their site every month.

Not bad, but not great. If they wanted to compete with long-standing players in the crowded sleep market, something had to change.

Sleep Tomorrow needed a way to plan and produce content at scale that would reach their target audience.

Enter artificial intelligence.

Tomorrow Sleep began using an AI solution called MarketMuse. MarketMuse's AI-powered content intelligence and strategy platform.

It used the platform's AI research application to understand which high-value topics the company needed to be talking about. Next, it used one of the tool's advanced analytics applications to see where competitors ranked for each of these topics.

This intel illuminated the gaps and opportunities in the current content plan, leading Tomorrow Sleep to create content around key topics where it could quickly establish itself as an expert.

The result?

  • 400,000 monthly visits to its website (a 10,000% increase).
  • Ranked for multiple positions in a single search result.
  • Domain authority to secure Google's featured snippet for specific results.

MarketMuse is an AI-driven assistant for building content strategies. It will show you exactly what terms you need to target to compete in certain topic categories. It'll also surface topics you may need to target if you want to own certain topics.

In the end, you get SEO recommendations powered by a sophisticated machine learning model, which provides insights that can guide your entire content creation team.

See the Case Study

2. How eBay Writes Thousands of Email Subject Lines in Minutes

We're all familiar with eBay-the online shopping site best known for its consumer-to-consumer, auction-style selling.

With billions of products to choose from and millions of customers to serve, eBay was looking for a way to make each customer feel like they were the only person in the world that mattered.

Surely email is the way to do that. So, instead of sending cookie-cutter emails to its entire contact list, eBay could just write personalized messages for each of its customers...right?

Wrong. It'd have to spend countless resources hiring thousands of copywriters to support that plan.

Alternatively, eBay turned to artificial intelligence and tested AI-powered copywriting solution Phrasee.

Using natural language generation and deep learning, Phrasee is capable of learning a brand's voice and automatically writing optimized email subject lines, Facebook ads, and push messages.

For eBay, this meant training the tool on the company's data and letting it produce thousands of machine-written email subject lines. These personalized subject lines were then A/B tested at scale with eBay's millions of customers-all in the matter of a few minutes.

Thanks to Phrasee, eBay's copywriters are now free to focus on more creative tasks, like their "Honest Alexa" #CrashingPrimeDay campaign. 😊

See the Case Study

3. How the American Marketing Association Personalizes its Newsletter Across Industries

The American Marketing Association (AMA) strives to be the most relevant voice shaping marketing around the world.

Its website is a marketplace of industry knowledge and resources on branding, careers customer experience, digital marketing, ethics, and more.

One unique aspect of its community is the vast number of industries it represents. Because every business has marketing needs, its members hail from industries across the globe such as education, finance, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, real estate, and more.

It shares its wealth of knowledge with over 100,000 subscribers in its email newsletter.

However, to serve its subscribers only the most relevant and deserving content, it pulled in rasa.io.

This AI system uses natural language processing and machine learning to generate personalized Smart Newsletters and provide newsletter automation. By doing so, it dramatically increases reader engagement and provides rich insights back to the brand, while saving organizations time.

To personalize each newsletter to a subscriber, the solution uses AI for both curation and filtering content from sources chosen by the AMA. This includes the selection of each individual piece of content, the placement of articles, and the subject line selected for each reader.

The result? A newsletter that provides a perfectly personalized experience to each and every reader.

Plus, the platform is able to infuse the newsletters with AMA's internally produced content and feature it at the top of the newsletter, maximizing visibility.

As a result, the AMA website has been the number one overall clicked source within the newsletter, regularly driving thousands of additional users to the site.

See the Case Study

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Ashley Sams is a consultant at PR 20/20. She joined the agency in 2017 with a background in marketing, specifically for higher education and social media. Ashley is a 2015 graduate of The University of Mount Union where she earned a degree in marketing.

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