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Artificial Intelligence for Modern Marketers

A content hub that explores the current and future potential of AI, machine learning, deep learning and cognitive computing to transform marketing.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is getting smarter, faster and cheaper, bringing the disruptive power of machine learning and cognitive computing to the marketing industry. Many tasks commonly performed by marketers are being augmented by AI.

Consider how much time your marketing team spends reviewing analytics, creating performance reports, drafting social media updates, determining blog post topics, copywriting, building strategy, and allocating resources.

Now imagine if machines performed the majority of those activities and a marketer’s primary role was to enhance rather than create.

The future may be closer than you think. 

That's why we created the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute. Our mission is to make AI approachable and actionable for modern marketers, so they can build a powerful competitive advantage with this technology.

Marketers who can harness the power of artificial intelligence will be able to do more with less, run personalized campaigns of unprecedented complexity, and transform business as usual through new methods of machine-intelligent marketing. The opportunities are endless for marketers and entrepreneurs with the will and vision to transform the industry.

This Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute features news, trends, and resources, as well as regular spotlights on the companies and products using AI to drive innovation within the marketing industry. We talk to companies and thought leaders transforming how marketing works with artificial intelligence, and bring you exclusive content you can’t get anywhere else.

Our goal? To provide you with the most value possible in your quest to learn more about the intersection of marketing and artificial intelligence.

In the process, we aim to transform the marketing and sales industries by encouraging the widespread adoption and responsible use of AI.

Learn more about our vision.

Introducing the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON)

As part of our efforts to transform the industry, we’ve launched the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON), an event for practitioners and leaders seeking to drive the next frontier of digital marketing transformation within their organizations.

MAICON 2020 will be held in Cleveland, Ohio from July 14-16, 2020. 

MAICON is designed to help marketing leaders truly understand AI, educate their teams, garner executive support, pilot priority AI uses cases, and develop a near-term strategy for successfully scaling AI. The event targets manager-level and above marketers, and largely caters to non-technical audiences, meaning attendees do not need backgrounds in analytics, data science or programming to understand and apply what they learn.

Join us, and hundreds of your marketing peers, as we explore the next frontier in digital marketing transformation. 

Learn more about the event.

AI Score for Marketers

AI Score for Marketers is an online assessment that enables marketers to explore and rate dozens of AI use cases, and get personalized recommendations for AI-powered vendors.

It gives you the ability to rate the value to intelligently automate 60+ marketing AI use cases using the 5Ps of AI framework:

  • Planning: Building intelligent strategies.
  • Production: Creating intelligent content.
  • Personalization: Powering intelligent consumer experiences.
  • Promotion: Managing intelligent cross-channel and cross-device promotions.
  • Performance: Turning data into intelligence.

The final report page surfaces all use cases you rate 4 - 5, and provides vendor match recommendations based on your ratings. You also receive an overall AI Score, as well as section-by-section scores that are designed to help prioritize your research in the areas you value highest.

The entire assessment takes just 7-10 minutes.

Isn’t it time to make AI your competitive advantage? Take AI Score for Marketers now.

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Our Team

Our team is composed of marketing strategists, data scientists, and machine learning engineers.

Since November 2016, we've published more than 400 articles designed to help marketers turn AI into their competitive advantage. We’ve interviewed and written spotlights on 50+ AI-powered vendors with more than $1 billion in total funding. We’re also tracking 1,500+ sales and marketing AI companies with combined funding north of $6.2 billion.

This work has turned our team into industry-leading experts on the potential opportunities and practical considerations presented by AI in marketing.

Our Partners

The Marketing AI Institute has partnered with top AI-first marketing and sales companies to bring you exclusive content and advice, straight from the companies on the frontlines of AI adoption and implementation.

Partners include publicly traded firms and innovative startups linked by a common vision to unlock immense value for marketers using AI.

Want to Talk AI?

We're always looking to connect with companies and individuals using AI, machine learning, deep learning, cognitive computing, etc. to transform marketing. If you'd like to get in touch, click below.

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