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Marketing AI Workshops

Experiences in AI designed to build next-gen teams and businesses.

Marketing AI Workshops

Marketing AI Institute offers in-person and virtual workshops to help organizations accelerate AI adoption and engage their teams in interactive group training sessions. 

Ideal for private corporate events, or as AI-focused sessions for marketing conferences, Marketing AI Institute workshops bring the latest use cases, technologies and best practices to your audiences. 

Workshops are led by Marketing AI Institute founder and CEO Paul Roetzer, and chief content officer Mike Kaput, co-authors of Marketing Artificial Intelligence: AI, Marketing and the Future of Business.

Our three core workshops are: Piloting AI: The Use-Case Model, The Next-Gen Marketing Agency, and The Next-Gen Marketing Leader.

The standard workshop rate is $20,000 + travel. Additional fees may apply for groups of more than 25 participants.

Piloting AI: The Use Case Model Workshop

Engage your team in piloting AI, and building a smarter business.

Piloting AI is an interactive workshop for marketers that accelerates your team’s understanding and adoption of AI, and engages them in the process of launching pilot projects. 

Piloting AI goes beyond the splashy headlines and buzzwords to explore a practical use case framework (as featured in Marketing Artificial Intelligence: AI, Marketing and the Future of Business) that makes AI approachable and actionable for your marketers and leaders. 

This half-day program starts with a beginner-level introduction to AI and walks attendees through dozens of sample use cases and technologies that are designed to:

  • Reduce costs.
  • Increase revenue. 
  • Create a competitive advantage. 

Once your team understands AI, and is able to identify use cases, we turn them loose in groups brainstorming pilot projects. 

Groups and ideas are commonly organized by marketing category (e.g. advertising, content marketing, ecommerce, email, social media, website, etc.), which helps to streamline the ideation process.

The goal is for your team to come away from the workshop inspired by the possibilities of intelligent automation, and armed with a minimum of three pilot projects that can be activated within 90 days.

Piloting AI Workshop

Want to Do It Yourself? Get Use Case Model Training On-Demand.

If you’re looking for more affordable training for individuals or small groups, you can learn the same Use Case Model we use as part of our Piloting AI for Marketers online course. 

Register today for only $499 and explore the framework, technologies, and templates that can fuel your transformation to a dominant next-gen business in your industry.


Learn More about Piloting AI for Marketers

The Next-Gen Marketing Agency Workshop

Enhance productivity, profitability and performance.

The Next-Gen Marketing Agency workshop is built to involve your full team in developing a baseline understanding of AI, as well as discovering practical applications through presentations, hands-on experiences, and group discussions.

Consider how much time your team spends on repetitive tasks such as: drafting social media updates, writing blog posts, personalizing emails, building lead nurturing workflows, developing advertising copy, managing paid media spend, conducting keyword research, finding insights in analytics, and recommending strategies (to name a few).

Now, imagine the value you could create if every one of those activities could be intelligently automated to some degree with smarter marketing technologies?

Marketing technology is getting more intelligent, and the agencies that are proactive in finding, piloting and scaling AI-powered solutions will have a potentially insurmountable competitive advantage.

You can sit back and wait for the world to change around you, or you can embrace AI to create a competitive advantage.

  • Reduce costs by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Increase revenue through the power of personalization and prediction. 
  • Discover AI-powered marketing technologies that are enabling a more intelligent future. 

Your team will leave the workshop inspired, and ready to drive efficiency, performance, and growth for your agency.


The Next-Gen Marketing Leader Workshop

An Executive Experience to Drive AI-Powered Digital Transformation 

AI creates opportunities for marketing leaders to reshape their strategies, technology stacks, processes, and teams to deliver unprecedented results. But it also presents significant barriers to adoption and success. 

The Next-Gen Marketing Leader workshop is designed for midmarket and enterprise executive teams to learn the fundamentals of AI; discuss the implications on the organization’s talent, technologies, and strategies; and collaborate on an exercise that teaches them how to apply smarter technologies to solve high-value business challenges.  

You can build a smarter version of your business with AI. This workshop will show your team how to:

  • Personalize consumer experiences.
  • Intelligently automate repetitive tasks (i.e. save time and money). 
  • Enhance creativity, innovation and decision-making. 

Don’t wait for the industry to get smarter around you. Take the steps now to build a next-gen marketing organization that accelerates your company’s growth, and differentiates your brand.

The Next-Gen Marketing Leader Workshop

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