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AI for CMOs: The Real-World Playbook for Digital Transformation


You have the opportunity to unlock unprecedented personalization and performance in your marketing—starting right this moment.

AI for CMOs

AI is expected to create trillions in value in marketing. But few CMOs and marketing leaders understand its full potential. And even fewer know how to adopt the technology effectively.

AI for CMOs

This report is here to help.

It’s called AI for CMOs: The Real-World Playbook for Digital Transformation, and it will show you exactly how to use AI to personalize at scale.

In it, you’ll find a comprehensive playbook to understand, adopt, and scale AI—written specifically for CMOs and marketing leaders. In fact, once you read the report, you’ll:

  • Fully understand artificial intelligence and the opportunity it presents in a clear, non-technical way.
  • Discover 50+ use cases for AI in marketing across advertising, analytics, content marketing, customer experience, ecommerce, email marketing, social media marketing, and SEO.
  • Learn a proprietary 10-step framework to adopt and scale AI at your company.

And the advice inside comes directly from industry experts Marketing AI Institute, the leaders in AI education for marketers, and Persado, a top marketing AI technology company.

There’s no fluff. No hype. No jargon. Just actionable knowledge you can fully understand and implement, starting right now.

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