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How SMEs Can Use Marketing AI to Beat the Big Guys

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Large enterprises have the budgets to invest heavily in the tools and personnel for customized artificial intelligence platforms, sophisticated automation, and dedicated content intelligence teams, but it’s the small business sector that can most benefit from the cornucopia of advantages Content intelligence (CI) can provide. It’s a paradox that frustrates small or medium sized enterprise marketing teams to no end.

Any SME content marketer knows that their competitive advantages over larger organizations include their superior agility, closer connections with customers, and ability to react quickly to the market. Content intelligence helps larger businesses close that content gap, with an unparalleled ability to automate the customer connections that SME’s excel at and provide the in-depth insights that any small-town storekeeper knows just from talking to their customers when they walk through the door.

By the same token, a successful and rigorous data-driven approach to SME marketing can gain the most from limited budgets and man-hours for human resources, which narrows the advantages larger businesses often hold over their smaller counterparts. Content intelligence is a crucial part of modern marketing at any scale, but how can SMEs compete without the vast resources of a multinational corporation?

Finding the answer to this question becomes easier day by day as Content Strategy Platforms (CSPs) technologies that underpin content intelligence become more advanced and less expensive. As one of the hottest fields in tech, CI is inspiring a new wave of tools developed to meet the needs of SMEs. For example, leading CRM platforms are rolling out AI systems like SalesForce’s Einstein AI, a system that provides an integrated AI platform with a near-endless array of functionality. The system provides automatically captured data for new contacts to save time on data entry and generates competitive intelligence, sales patterns, and trends, providing actionable insights that most SME’s never have time to systematically search for.

Leveraging the vast data of SalesForce’s network, Einstein can, in many cases automatically:

  • Prioritize the leads and opportunities most likely to convert, ensuring your sales team is making the right contacts to maximize conversions. 
  • Deliver content to precisely determined audiences through the right channel at the right time to maximize conversion rates. Automatically learns as it executes campaigns, becoming more and more precise with every delivered piece of content. 
  • Provide sophisticated analytics automatically, sifting through vast stores of data to deliver the knowledge you didn’t even know you needed until Einstein gave it to you. 


With TrailBlazer, Einstein allows SalesForce customers to build custom, smart, and predictive apps to solve their most specialized challenges, with quick and easy tutorials that can turn anyone into an AI wizard. No code necessary, just click and go!

SME’s marketers know that every dollar counts when you’re attempting to share a narrative with the world on a shoestring budget. AI is making it easier for content marketing professionals to stretch their budget as far as it can go with platforms such as Acquisio, which utilizes machine learning to get the most bang for your buck in pay per click campaigns.  Acquisio’s predictive algorithms optimize digital marketing campaigns across ad platforms, predicting the performance of campaigns and making recommendations for distribution of ad buys. Even the most seasoned marketing professionals can make use of Acquisio’s technology to ensure they are getting the largest possible ROI from their ad spends.


One more area SMEs struggle to succeed in is competitive intelligence and marketing strategy. CONCURED’s content strategy platform solves several issues for SME’s by applying automation to content management and content strategy, using advanced analytics to measure the performance of content against competitors, and demonstrating the ROI that is achievable with a well-executed strategy. Concured’s platform also includes sophisticated data-driven content plans to achieve consensus from process stakeholders and match content to channels for maximum audience engagement.

Content Strategy Platforms like CONCURED, Acquisio, and Einstein scale to provide marketers with the content intelligence capability of a large company, on a SME budget. With the ability to make both your budget and your man-hours stretch to reach more customers than ever before, these tools can help take your company to the next level and keep scaling up with you as you grow.  That’s a solution any content strategist can love.

Would you like to learn more about machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the transformative power of content intelligence for small business? Check out our new eBook: "Content Intelligence: Data Driven Creativity For Todays CMOs And Content Marketing Professionals".

This post is syndicated from CONCURED.com, where it was originally published. CONCURED is a Marketing AI Institute benefactor. 

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