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7 Stats About Voice Search That Marketers Need to Know

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Voice search is an AI-powered channel every marketer needs to understand, and a handful of key stats go a long way towards helping you do just that.

These come from research presented by Susan and Scot Westwater, founders of Pragmatic Digital, at the Marketing AI Conference (MAICON) 2021.

The research was conducted across the US, United Kingdom, and Germany, with nationally representative responses from 2,000 people per country.

The research was designed to see how marketers are using voice across all devices.

And you need to see the takeaways…

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  1. There is significant awareness of voice technology and voice assistance. 97% of Americans are aware of it, and 57% are using it. The numbers are nearly identifiable in the UK. Germany is slightly behind.
  2. Voice has become a part of daily life for many people. 32% of people use voice assistants daily. Almost 50% use them at least once a week.
  3. Voice activities align with the marketing funnel. 91% of voice consumers are already searching via voice. Many are then moving down the funnel until a small number purchase via voice.
  4. Users need more support from brands and creators. Most users still rely on trial and error to find the experiences they want.
  5. Voice search is part of the marketing ecosystem. For 80% of users, following a voice search leads to a product or brand website.
  6. People want voice in mobile apps. 85% of voice users are interested in using voice search in their mobile apps.
  7. Voice search is an opportunity in every industry. 80% of consumers mostly search for products and services. 70% search for locations. And 70% search for brand information.

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