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AI Academy Experts Discuss AI For Small Businesses and Content Marketing [Ask Me Anything Session]
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By: Gianna Mannarino

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October 19th, 2020

AI Academy Experts Discuss AI For Small Businesses and Content Marketing [Ask Me Anything Session]

As part of the AI Academy for Marketers membership, we offer monthly Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions with leading industry experts. We chat about everything from technology trends, use cases, lessons learned, to much more.

In this post, we’d like to give you an inside look into the latest, exclusive members-only session with Mike Kaput (@MikeKaput), Director of Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute. During the session, we discussed the opportunities with AI for content marketers and small businesses—all questions stemming from his course offered in the AI Academy for Marketers (listed below).

Below is a quick video from our chat, followed by top takeaways from the conversation.



How does Marketing AI Institute use AI for content marketing?

The Institute uses MarketMuse, an AI-powered content optimization and creation platform, to analyze the website and identify opportunities to improve or optimize existing content for increased performance, as well to generate content research briefs that guide content creation.

Frase answer bot is used to match content to user questions, increasing content engagement, and providing an outlet to learn more about what people are interested in onsite. 

Pattern89 is used for content promotion. Pattern89 predicts what advertising creative will perform best on Facebook before you publish it.

Seventh Sense predicts send-time optimization of emails.

Google Docs' Smart Compose feature comes into play when drafting content.

Grammarly is used by writers to help ensure writing fundamentals are in place (grammar, style, tone). 

What’s a good AI tech for those just getting started? 

You don’t need to transform your operations tomorrow using AI. Simply streamlining the process a little can have a ripple effect. We recommend starting with something small where you can see value quickly. Although, the best tech to get started will depend on the use case you’re trying to solve, some technologies cited as being both affordable and approachable in the AMA include Grammarly, Frase, and WordStream.

How do you recommend a small business identify AI use cases to get started?

There is a misconception that you need a big budget or a lot of data to use AI. While first-party data is critical for some tools, others use public data sets or their own proprietary data. A good place to start is by breaking down the tasks that you do every day as a marketer, and identify those activities that you do often, in the same way every time, and those that take a lot of resources to complete. Those are great use cases to explore first.

What’s your recommendation for a small business trying to get budget approval for a new AI tool?

You need to make a business use case for the technology, in the same way you would for a non-AI powered tech. Document how much time the tool will save you (and your team) on a daily or weekly basis. Then pose the question, “How does that translate into cost savings?”

Show your boss: Here’s today. Here’s tomorrow, and here’s how tomorrow will be better than what we have today.

Don’t forget to keep in mind that not everyone is going to get AI, and that’s OK. If you present a clear case on the impact the technology will have on business outcomes, and how you will measure performance, that’s a hard argument for any CEO to ignore. 

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About Gianna Mannarino

Gianna is an intern for PR20/20 and Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute. She is a senior at Ohio University studying Management Information Systems, Analytics, and Marketing.

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