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How to Boost Traffic 10,000% with AI
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By: Mike Kaput

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August 20th, 2019

How to Boost Traffic 10,000% with AI

Tomorrow Sleep is a startup that sells connected sleep systems. The company launched in 2017, but only started creating content in 2018. 

The sleep market is crowded, with tons of established players and upstarts competing for consumer attention and dollars.

Tomorrow Sleep knew they'd need a content strategy that wasn't just rock-solid, but could also scale quickly to compete.

Early efforts focused on manual keyword tracking and analysis, but only brought in about 4,000 site visitors.

Tomorrow Sleep knew they had to do better.

So they turned to artificial intelligence to plan and produce content at scale.

Using MarketMuse's AI-powered content intelligence and strategy platform, Tomorrow Sleep increased traffic from 4,000 to 400,000 visitors. And, they were able to outrank their top competitor for primary topics in search engine results.

The best part?

The company achieved this in less than a year.

Here's how.

How They Did It

First, the team used MarketMuse's Research application to understand which topics to target.

Tomorrow Sleep started with topics they knew were important to address, then MarketMuse filled in the blanks, highlighting other high-value topics the company needed to be talking about.

Then, the company used MarketMuse's Compete application to see which companies ranked in the top 20 results for each of those topics.

This was displayed as a heatmap that visualized each company's relative competitive strength in each topic. 

The heatmap showed Tomorrow Sleep the gaps and opportunities in the current search landscape for each topic.

Using that intel, Tomorrow Sleep was able to create new content around key topics that helped the company rank quickly and establish themselves as experts.

These insights were powered by machine learning and delivered at a speed and scale that would have been impossible to achieve with human analysis alone.

Not only did Tomorrow Sleep boost traffic by 10,000%, from 4,000 to 400,000 visits, but the company occupies multiple positions in a single search result—and has enough authority to secure Google's featured snippet for specific results.

Even if you're not in the sleep business, that's impressive.

And, no matter what you sell, Tomorrow Sleep's case study has some important lessons for marketers everywhere.

Why Marketers Should Care

Tomorrow Sleep's success story highlights a really important point for marketers.

There are plenty of tasks you're just not that good at.

Make no mistake...

Human marketers excel at creative and strategic tasks in ways machines likely never will.

But data-driven tasks—like analyzing keywords and identifying search ranking opportunities—just aren't our specialty.

Sure, we can do tasks like these. But we don't do them particularly well.

Historically, that didn't matter much. Humans were still required to do tasks like SEO analysis manually.

But artificial intelligence has changed that.

AI can perform certain data-driven tasks far better than humans—and it can do those tasks at scale.

This presents a massive opportunity for forward-thinking marketers.

Marketers that understand and apply AI now can reap outsized advantages, just like Tomorrow Sleep did.

Certain AI tools can give you superpowers that help you build unprecedented competitive advantages—or unseat better funded, established competitors.

That's exactly what Tomorrow Sleep did using MarketMuse.

To learn more about how they did it, check out the full case study below.

Get the Full Case Study

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Mike Kaput is Chief Content Officer at Marketing AI Institute.

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