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How to Grow Marketing Revenue with AI

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From sharing ideas to building brands, digital marketing can accomplish many impressive things. However, at the end of the day, companies typically use it with one purpose in mind: increasing revenue. If it’s not doing that, or some sort of related task, then many organizations can’t justify the expense.

It is common knowledge that the CMO has the shortest tenure in the C-Suite and this is mostly due to not being able to prove investments made equals revenue gained.

Unfortunately, figuring out how to fully monetize marketing while proving the results can sometimes be difficult due to nebulous analytics and ad attribution. Because of this, marketing is often viewed as a supplementary expense, rather than something crucial like a sales team which is able to more concretely demonstrate its value. Ironically, companies are selling themselves short due to this mindset. With the right support, digital marketing can easily cause revenue graphs to climb up and to the right on a consistent basis transforming expenses into investments. 

AI can help. AI-powered advertising tools now use AI and machine learning to make sure tactics are completely optimized for revenue generation and mapping. The first step is to plan campaigns with the end in mind. AI-powered ad tools help clients connect their most important KPIs to strong prospects with a comprehensive suite of calendars, goal planners, and success roadmaps.  

After defining an audience through data aggregation, you can also use AI to predict which of the personalized ads designed for each customer group will perform the best. Higher-quality ads lead to higher engagement and subsequently, more conversions, and more revenue! Once everything is activated, AI-powered tools then continue to monitor each campaign and recommend improvements, while also meticulously mapping results back to original investment. 

No more waiting on pins and needles until a campaign is finished. With AI-powered ad tools available today, marketers are now empowered to get a clear return on their investment (ROI) by seeing exactly what’s driving revenue and why, so the most profitable course of action can be identified and capitalized on. 

Quarterly earnings do not have to be a victim to the whims of time and chance. When handled strategically and backed by powerful technology, digital marketing can ensure a stream of healthy, if not burgeoning, revenue. All it takes is giving marketers the AI-powered tools they need to maximize their efforts. AI-powered software is poised to turn digital marketing into one of the most effective ways to keep profits out of the red, rocket into the black, and beyond. 

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