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The Impact of AI on Writing Careers

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AI is going to have a major impact on the careers and skills of writers and content professionals. 

AI writing tools are already opening up new frontiers of creativity, productivity, and writing at scale for savvy professionals.

And one thing is clear:

AI won’t typically replace writers, but writers who use AI will replace writers who don’t.

In Episode 32 of The Marketing AI Show, Marketing AI Institute founder/CEO Paul Roetzer talked to me about how writers should think about their careers in the age of AI.

1. No matter your role or company, AI will be a part of your career.

“I don’t see writing career paths moving forward where AI isn’t infused,” says Roetzer. The technology is getting too good, too fast not to be adopted by companies in some fashion.

Generally, that doesn’t mean replacing writers. It means writers will use AI tools in some way in almost every aspect of their jobs. What that looks like will depend on your role and your company, but you will need to use AI in your daily work moving forward.

2. Your company’s strategy will need to change.

Company strategies will need to change in the age of AI. And roles will also change as those strategies do.

This isn’t about finding ways to automate more content and pump out SEO clickbait generated by machines, says Roetzer.

It’s about looking at your overall content strategy and determining how your brand can become more human.

In the near future, a premium will be placed on largely human-created content. You will be rewarded for strong points of view, unique perspectives, and facilitating human connections. If your content doesn’t do that today, it will need to.

3. Start developing a deeper knowledge of AI now.

One of the best things you can do for your career starting today is to learn more about the foundational technology behind AI writing tools.

“It’s very helpful to have a deeper knowledge of how this stuff actually works,” says Roetzer. That includes understanding things like: what a language model is, how it makes predictions, and how prompting a machine works.

That positions you well as the next AI writing innovations come out. You won’t just see shiny new tools. You’ll understand what powers them and how to use them for maximum benefit.

The best way to figure out AI for writing

The best way to quickly and effectively figure out how to use AI for your writing is to attend our AI for Writers Summit, a virtual event that will be held on March 30, 2023, from 12:00pm - 4:00pm EST.

The event features talks from experts like Ann Handley, Wall Street Journal bestselling author; May Habib, Writer co-founder and CEO; and Paul Roetzer, Marketing AI Institute founder and CEO.

When you attend, you will:

  • Discover the current state of AI writing technologies, including capabilities and limitations.
  • Uncover how generative AI can make writers and content teams more efficient and creative.
  • Learn about dozens of AI writing use cases and tools.
  • Consider emerging career paths that blend human and machine capabilities.
  • Explore the potential negative effects of AI on writers.
  • Connect with presenters and attendees on the online platform.

Two registration options are available.

  • A FREE Sponsored Pass is for attendees who agree to share their contact information with the presenting sponsor.
  • A $99 Private Pass is for attendees who want their contact information to remain private and not shared with the presenting sponsor.

Regardless of which option you pick, you can also choose to add on-demand access for an additional $99.

We view the AI for Writers Summit as a way to bring the industry together at a critical time to figure out the way forward—together.

Don’t wait for the writing and content worlds to get smarter around you. Become a next-gen writer now.

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