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Meet Sheldon Monteiro and Jeff Rohrs: Marketing AI Conference (MAICON) Speakers

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Welcome back to our MAICON 2021 speaker series. We’re introducing you to our speakers, telling you a little about why they’ll be at MAICON, what resonated with us in articles or resources of theirs, and how to connect with them prior to the event.

Meet Sheldon Monteiro

MonteiroAs Publicis Sapient’s Chief Product Officer, Sheldon Monteiro works with their executive team and Global 1000 clients to stay on the forefront of applying digital enablers, Agile and data-driven lean product thinking to reimagine business and customer experiences.

Monteiro is responsible for connecting the sum total of Publicis Sapient capabilities, to help their clients identify customer and enterprise value, and partner with them on the journey to unlock value through data-infused lean product management, exceptional experiences and world class engineering.

When not partnering directly with clients on digital business transformation engagements, or working with clients and teams to innovate their ways of working, Monteiro teaches and coaches at the Publicis Sapient Fellowship in Transformation Leadership —a year-long MBA inspired program he sponsored and founded in 2013 to grow executive talent at the intersection of business, marketing, technology, innovation and influence.

Monteiro has worked with and built award winning digital products and platforms for clients such as Fidelity Investments, Target, BP, Sprint, McDonald’s, and US Bank.

Meet Jeff Rohrs

RohrsJeff Rohrs is a wearer of many hats: CMO, author, beekeeper, former agency president, recovering attorney, and former DJ. Rohrs was a proud member of the Marketing Leadership team that fueled ExactTarget's growth, IPO, and 2013 acquisition by Salesforce.

After two years with Salesforce, he joined Yext as CMO where he helped the company go public in 2017 and grow ARR from $50M to over $230M. Most recently, Rohrs served in transitional CMO roles for both Jobvite and FIlo.co.

Rohrs is currently working on his next project, advising companies including Filo.co and Sendoso, and enjoying his third year of beekeeping in Lakewood, Ohio, where he lives with his wife, kids, and about 50,000 bees.

Some of Sheldon and Jeff's Work

How Publicis Sapient Is Dataful in the Way We Work

An excerpt: The second thing that is happening is that it has become increasingly difficult to predict the way that we as humans will actually relate to these new technological innovations. For instance, in 2006, our moms would tell us to never get in a stranger’s car, and to not talk to strangers on the Internet. Now we use the Internet to find strangers and get in their cars. That shift in human behaviors and expectations was impossible to predict.

Why we like it: In this article, Publicis Sapient’s Barbara Chai sits down with Sheldon Monteiro to discuss how data-informed decision making is more important than ever. While the intent of some of this post is to highlight Publicis Sapient’s business model and capabilities, we love the point Monteiro makes in the excerpt above—companies have no clue how the world will react and implement technological advances. This uncertainty is often why many fear advances in AI, rather than find ways to pivot and embrace its benefits. 

Jeffrey K. Rohrs: There’s More to Content Marketing Than Just Gaining Fans and Followers

An excerpt: Engagement is capturing and retaining the audience’s attention. Audiences are repositories for attention, but if you do not engage with them over time, if you get an email subscriber and don’t do anything with the individual for three months, the value of that audience has just deteriorated

Why we like it: In much of Rohrs’ work, he emphasizes that as a marketer, you do not own your audiences. Rohrs calls this “permission marketing”—users ultimately decide whether or not they want to see your brand. This is true now more than ever as we see platform privacy policies become more restrictive and transparent. 

Connect with Sheldon and Jeff

Sheldon and Jeff's Fireside Chat at MAICON

How to Accelerate Digital Business Transformation with AI

There have been exponential improvements in technology that are accelerating the rate of change, and consumers are often unpredictable in their response to these innovations. To really orient around consumer behavior in a world in which change is continuous, businesses need to be able to get their ideas into market quickly and pivot their plans on a dime. Yet, this is not how most businesses or departments are designed.

So, how can we, as marketers, be successful amidst these technological innovations?

In this fireside chat, Sheldon Monteiro, Chief Product Officer at Publicis Sapient, will discuss:

  • How marketers can more quickly bring ideas to market.
  • How to do that with quality so we don't just break things.
  • How to deliver value to customers and the business in the process.

Join us at MAICON 2021 on September 13-14, 2021 to hear Sheldon, Jeff, and 20+ other AI and marketing leaders. BLOG20 saves 20% off current prices.

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