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Is ChatGPT Enterprise A Game Changer for Enterprise AI Adoption?

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OpenAI just launched ChatGPT Enterprise, a secure, compliant, customizable version of ChatGPT for large businesses.

Why it matters:

OpenAI's new offering includes unlimited, high-speed access to GPT-4 models, advanced data analysis features, and more. This makes it a potential replacement for other enterprise tools.

This appears to be a direct response to enterprise demand, with OpenAI themselves saying that 80% of Fortune 500 companies have already adopted the tech.

Connecting the dots:

In Episode 62 of the Marketing AI Show, Marketing AI Institute founder/CEO Paul Roetzer highlighted why this announcement matters.

  1. ChatGPT Enterprise’s features are impressive. One huge feature is that ChatGPT Enterprise won’t train on your data or the conversations you have with the tool. This type of security is critical for enterprises, who often face strict and complicated procurement processes. Unlimited high-speed usage of GPT-4 is also another welcome feature that enables enterprises to scale use of ChatGPT Enterprise.
  2. And don’t sleep on the Advanced Data Analysis feature. ChatGPT Enterprise comes with access to Advanced Data Analysis, formerly known as Code Interpreter, which gives the tool robust data analysis capabilities. Now, any professional at an enterprise can do sophisticated data analysis by working with the tool. This is “probably one of the great unlocks that most companies aren’t even really thinking about yet,” says Roetzer.
  3. But there’s plenty more work to do. At the moment, the tools lacks other possibly important enterprise-grade features. It’s not HIPAA compliant, so is unlikely to be used by healthcare enterprises. It also lacks useful team-wide features like template libraries, the ability to segment by team, and the ability to tailor the tool to certain personas, says Roetzer. However, OpenAI has hinted some of these features are coming soon.
  4. ChatGPT Enterprise raises some tough questions. The tool has many AI watchers asking: Do companies now need all these other third-party applications that do similar things? It’s an important question to ask, says Roetzer. “But I don't know that we can answer that question yet.”
  5. It’s also moving OpenAI into uncharted territory. ChatGPT’s popularity has thrown OpenAI into the world of building enterprise software and they may not specifically be structured to build these types of products, says Roetzer. But this presents opportunities for a company with OpenAI’s deep pockets. “If I was OpenAI, I would buy one of the third-party applications and I would build the killer AI writing app,” he says.

What to do about it:

The jury is still out on whether or not ChatGPT Enterprise—or another killer app—can replace the need for multiple other third-party AI tools.

That’s why experimentation is essential, says Roetzer. Organizations must be actively experimenting with multiple tools and AI capabilities within existing platforms to determine a viable path forward.

“I do think the path currently is to have strategies in your company to have teams who are experimenting with all of these advancements and have multiple vendors they’re testing for different use cases that are most relevant to your company.”

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