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How Marketers Can Embrace Artificial Intelligence Today

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The number one question we get whenever we talk to marketers who are excited about artificial intelligence is:

How do I get started with AI?

It’s not the only question we get. In fact, after everyone asks how to get started, marketers have plenty more questions about how their company’s unique challenges and considerations relate to AI.

Artificial intelligence is a broad suite of technologies that make marketing more productive, personalized, predictive and performance-driven. From natural language generation (NLG) to deep learning, AI encompasses a wide array of algorithms, concepts and systems that don’t fit into neat, universal use cases.

Not every company needs AI right now, and not every company will use AI in the same way. However, there are several ways marketers in any business can begin to embrace AI and related technologies.

1. Start with your goals.

No matter what you do or what you sell, start any conversation about AI with this simple question:

What am I trying to achieve?

Focus on what result you want, not what action you want to take. By that, we mean your answer shouldn’t be “I’m trying to adopt AI in my marketing” or “I need to set up an NLG system.”

Think more along the following lines:

  • I need a way to automate internal reporting.
  • I want to create better email subject lines.
  • I’m looking to get more insights from my marketing and sales data.

These types of goals give you a roadmap. For instance, if you’re looking to automate reporting, you might want to explore topics like “how to automate content with AI” or “using natural language generation.”

2. Understand what’s possible.

AI moves fast. It’s difficult to understand everything that’s possible using AI technologies. And the terminology around capabilities can be complex and confusing. While it’s worth taking the time to understand AI, you can shortcut your education by looking at how other companies already use it.

The following links are great places to read about some real use cases:

Always look for companies actually using AI. There’s a lot of hype out there about what’s possible—and it’s not always backed up by fact.

3. Go straight to the source.

As you research, you’ll come across lots of marketing AI solutions. Naturally, you’ll have questions about what each solution can and can’t do. Most solutions providers we’ve encountered are happy to talk through your unique challenges and opportunities directly.

It’s still early days in marketing AI, and the field is complex. Providers, just as much as buyers, are looking for more information about different AI use cases. Most will answer questions and point you towards a solution for your needs.

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