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Supercharge Your Sales with AI (Featuring Pam Didner)

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Editor’s Note: This post is part of a series featuring speakers from the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON). For more information, visit www.MAICON.ai.

It’s not just hype.

AI in sales can supercharge and empower your sales team.

The key is finding the right use cases and the right tools to hit the ground running. And that’s what Pam Didner (@PamDidner) will discuss at her workshop on July 16, 2019 at the Marketing AI Conference (MAICON).

Specifically, she will overview How to Leverage AI for Sales Enablement. Designed for marketing managers who enable sales or sales operations managers working closely with marketing, Pam will explore the possibilities of using AI for different sales stages.

Curious? MAICON Creator Paul Roetzer (@PaulRoetzer) sat down with Pam to discuss her background, AI and sales, plus what attendees can expect from the workshop.  

Read on to get an inside look at Pam’s workshop topic.

Sales Enablement Defined

After working at Fortune 500 corporations, including KPMG, Accenture and Intel Corporation, Pam founded Relentless Pursuit in 2014. At Relentless Pursuit, Pam is a marketing consultant, author, instructor and speaker. Her clients include Cisco, Intel, TE Connectivity, InfinityQS, Microsoft and more. Her forte is creating and implementing marketing strategies by connecting sales and marketing to engage global audiences.

Plus, she’s written two books—the latest of which features effective sales enablement.

Bottom line: she has proven methodologies, frameworks, and training materials to share, including a new definition for sales enablement:

“Deliver a positive customer experience by equipping sales with the knowledge, skills, processes and tools through cross-functional collaboration to increase sales velocity, sales retention and productivity.”

So, how do you set up sales for success? It starts with integrating marketing technology into the sales journey.

Getting Started with AI and Sales

In Pam’s words, “Technology is both a blessing and a curse. You cannot talk about marketing technology and not talk about AI.”

Luckily, Pam advised that you can get started with AI and sales in three simple steps.

  1. Explore your existing needs with smarter technology. Start by assessing the current sales stages and the sales technologies associated with each stage.
  2. Work with your current vendors to identify smarter features that you have yet to harness. For example, if you’re a Salesforce user, are you using Einstein? Find out what those new features are and learn from them.
  3. Audit your existing processes and find opportunities for automation. Identify manual tasks that could easily be automated, and free up your talent for more strategic tasks.

Pam added: “AI can make you more productive or enable you to do something you have never done before.“

For example, she mentioned AI to accelerate targeted gift-giving for account-based marketing. Instead of spending hours coming up with a creative, personalized gift idea, sales can leverage Alyce. Alyce is an AI-Powered gifting, direct mail and swag platform that hyper-personalizes and supercharges your marketing and ABM strategy.

This is just one example of using AI in your sales enablement. During the workshop, Pam will offer a number of ideas to use AI throughout all stages of the sales journey.

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