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Access the recording of our March 22, 2023 webinar to discover how to use AI to personalize your content and messaging.

It has never been more important for your brand to master the art and science of personalization.

Companies have a flood of data on users from many sources. Consumer interactions take place across more touchpoints than ever. And we have a breathtaking number of ways to personalize content and products based on this data.

These conditions make pre-defined rules woefully inadequate for modern personalization.

That’s why smart marketers are using artificial intelligence to help. 

Today, you can use AI to scale your personalization efforts. This webinar shows you how.

In it, you’ll learn actionable takeaways from the AI for Personalization Blueprint, a new expert resource from Marketing AI Institute and AWS.

During the webinar, Marketing AI Institute will share:

  • How marketers can segment and personalize based on a larger range of attributes and signals and complicated categories without a heavy lift.
  • How using AI for personalization actually helps you learn more about your customers every time you use it.
  • How top brands use AI for personalization (with details on how their use cases may apply to you).
  • What vendors to look at in the space and questions to ask about AI-powered personalization technology.

You’ll come away with strategies and tactics to make your content, website, and recommendations more personalized using AI.

By filling out the form, you’ll also receive a free copy of the AI for Personalization Blueprint



Mike Kaput is the Chief Content Officer at Marketing AI Institute. Kaput uses content marketing, marketing strategy, and marketing technology to grow and scale traffic, leads, and revenue. Kaput is the co-author of Marketing Artificial Intelligence: AI, Marketing and the Future of Business.

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Cathy McPhillips is the Chief Growth Officer at Marketing AI Institute. Cathy oversees product and community growth, marketing, and sales for Marketing AI Institute, including our online community and customer experience at MAICON and AI Academy for Marketers.


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