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6 Tools for AI in Advertising
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By: Mike Kaput

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December 19th, 2019

6 Tools for AI in Advertising

AI in advertising is one big area where marketers are already seeing major benefits from the technology.

In fact, marketers are already leveraging AI-powered ad tools to both increase revenue from advertising and reduce costs associated with running ad campaigns.

Here are 6 AI-powered tools you can start exploring today.

Write and Test Ads

As of today, artificial intelligence can actually write and test advertising copy for you on certain platforms.

  • Phrasee — Phrasee uses AI to automatically write Facebook and Instagram ads, which leads to more clicks and revenue. 

Target and Convert Audiences

Artificial intelligence won’t just write ads for you. It’ll also show you exactly which audiences to target—and how to convince them to act on your ad messages.

  • Adobe Advertising Cloud — Adobe Advertising Cloud incorporates AI to predict how to get more conversions for lower costs across advertising channels.
  • GumGum — GumGum's AI-powered computer vision technology learns from images and videos across the web, then helps you place ads in the exact spots consumers will see them.

Optimize Ad Budgets

Money powers your advertising, but machines can help you spend it better. Today, artificial intelligence is able to optimize budgets in real time or near real time, across channels, faster and better than humans.

  • Albert — Albert's AI automatically optimizes ad targeting and budgets across channels, sometimes even finding new audiences in the process.
  • Equals 3 — Equals 3's AI predicts how well your media plan will perform, then recommends strategies to get better ROI from your ad spend.
  • WordStream — WordStream's AI platform analyzes your advertising campaigns across Facebook and Google Ads, then helps you quickly make changes to campaigns.

How to Get Started with AI in Advertising

If you're an advertiser or marketing relying on paid ads, chances are that AI can help you increase revenue and reduce costs. That means now is the time to get started with AI, no matter your skill or comfort level.

To do so means you build a potentially insurmountable competitive advantage. To delay means you risk getting left behind.

Good news, though:

There are two ways to accelerate AI adoption in your career and your company.

The first is by accessing our free Ultimate Beginner's Guide to AI in Marketing.

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to AI in Marketing is a free resource with 100+ articles, videos, courses, books, vendors, use cases, and events to dramatically accelerate your AI education. It's based on the years we spent on research and experimentation—and you can access this knowledge in a fraction of the time.

The second is by attending our Marketing AI Conference (MAICON).

MAICON brings together top authors, entrepreneurs, AI researchers, and executives to share case studies, strategies, and technologies that make AI approachable and actionable for marketers.

Last year's event brought together 300+ marketers, including attendees from 12 countries and 28 states. The conference is simply the best way to learn how to adopt AI, straight from marketing leaders already using the technology.

About Mike Kaput

Mike Kaput is Chief Content Officer at Marketing AI Institute.

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