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How to Manage Content Across the Enterprise Using Artificial Intelligence

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When you need to learn how to actually use AI, it helps to go to the experts. Andrew Bredenkamp (@abredenkamp) is CEO of Acrolinx, an AI-powered content marketing platform. Bredenkamp knows his stuff. Acrolinx was born out of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.

Bredenkamp downloaded his knowledge on AI at this year's Intelligent Content Conference that just wrapped up in Las Vegas. We sat in on his talk about what he calls the "art and science" of content governance.

What is content governance? It's the process of managing content quality and effectiveness across an organization. That is easier said than done, especially at large enterprises. If you have many content creators, how do you guarantee content quality stays high and consistent?

Bredenkamp offers a three step framework for doing just that.

The ABCs of Content Governance

Bredenkamp outlined the "ABCs" of content governance during the session. Each step will make governing your content easier.

A - Analytics

You need anaytics, but alone they're not enough. You need to know why content works or doesn’t.

Bredenkamp says there are two major ways to improve how content works. Either you 1) tell a great story and/or communicate something useful or 2) tell your story in a compelling way.

B - Brand Goals

Quite simply, your brand’s content can’t succeed without goals. You’ll want to be sure you have clear, concrete and document goals for your content. Then, benchmark performance to these goals.

It'll quickly become clear what works and what doesn't.

C - Coaching for Content Contributors

Content contributors need—and demand—coaching. This doesn’t mean your content operation should be overly restrictive. It means your content teams need guidance and guidelines during the creation process. This includes brand and style standards, common grammatical guidance, and constructive, consistent feedback.

The result? A virtuous cycle that improves content quality while developing the talent of contributors.

How AI Fits Into the Picture

You can execute the ABC framework using human talent. But AI can dramatically scale the process for larger organizations.

The Acrolinx platform uses an AI linguistics analytics engine to read and analyze content, then offers step-by-step guidance to make it better.

Fundamentally, an AI-powered tool like Acrolinx helps brands write content that’s clear, compelling, and aligned to specific brand standards.

You can learn more about the solution here.

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