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How to Use AI to Automatically Create Content from Keywords and Images

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Do you want to create content automatically and at scale?

Then you should take a look at GoCharlie.

GoCharlie is an AI tool that generates content using natural language processing (NLP) and multimodal image models. 

The result? You can use GoCharlie to automatically create content for social media posts, emails, and more.

We spoke with Kostas Hatalis, CEO and founder at GoCharlie, to learn more about this AI-powered marketing tool.

In a single sentence, describe GoCharlie.

AI that augments human content creation process using images or keywords.

How does GoCharlie use AI?

Multimodal AI models create content for our customers for social media marketing, review responses, and more. We generate content using natural language processing (NLP) and multimodal image models.

What are the primary marketing use cases for your AI-powered tech?

Social media marketing and email marketing are primary use cases for GoCharlie.

What makes your AI-powered solution smarter than traditional approaches and products?

We can generate content based off of images.

Are there any minimum requirements for marketers to get value out of your solution?

We just need an image or a few keywords for GoCharlie to produce results.

Who are your ideal customers in terms of company size and industries?

All industries are ideal for GoCharlie, except for healthcare and financial services. We work with company sizes from SMBs up to 200 employees.

What do you see as the limitations of AI as it exists today?

Longer form text generation is still a limitation of AI. Also, AI is not 100% accurate all the time.

What do you see as the future potential of AI in marketing?

AI will write fully customized and hyper-personalized content specific to the end viewer.

Any other thoughts on AI in marketing, or advice for marketers who are just getting started with AI?

For marketers that are new with AI, there is a lot of things to unlearn (especially when they have been used to manual changes throughout their career).

Due to the same, we also try to provide reasoning behind why each action was taken so that marketers can get more comfortable with the decisions and are not flying blind.

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