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Google AI Test Kitchen: A Hands-On Look

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I started playing around with the Google AI Test Kitchen app, which lets you experience and provide feedback on their LaMDA generative language model. LaMDA, and other language models like GPT-3, are able to produce text about anything (think blog posts, ads, social media shares, emails, business plans, podcast outlines, etc.).



Google plans to let users explore a series of evolving demos. Right now there are three active in the app:

  • Imagine It: You name a place (e.g. Imagine I'm at . . . the edge of the Milky Way galaxy), and LaMDA offers paths to explore your imagination through prompts of what happens next.


  • List It: You name a goal or a topic (e.g. I want to . . . launch a podcast), and LaMDA breaks it down into multiple lists of subtasks that you can expand and explore.


  • Talk About It (Dogs Edition): This one is more quirky, as you talk to a tennis ball about dogs. You just start the conversation and see where it goes. LaMDA always brings the convo back to dogs


Imagine It is very interesting, as you quickly see how generative language models can assist in creative writing. This sort of tech will be embedded into every next-gen writing platform in the near future (picture Google Docs being able to dynamically assist in all of your writing). Writing and editing will be a very different experience. Journalism schools should be aggressively pursuing knowledge and technology to enhance what they are teaching in classrooms, and brands need to be actively testing language AI solutions.

List It I found to be surprisingly good at generating to-do lists for topics such as: writing a book, starting a business, and launching a podcast. I would image project management systems like Asana are racing to build these capabilities into their platforms (at least I hope they are). I didn't think AI was this far along assisting on strategy. Need to process this one for a bit...

You can sign up for free to try it yourself here.

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