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MAICON 2022: Our First Group of Speakers Is Announced

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Today we announced our first group of presenters for our Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON) 2022.

Our complete agenda will feature 38 sessions with over 50 speakers who will help our attendees navigate and transform their current digital marketing strategies and execution using AI, covering topics such as advertising, analytics, content marketing, email marketing, ethics, sales, strategy, and more.

Our MAICON 2022 speakers are forward-thinking strategists, practitioners, and leaders with success stories ready to help you advance your practice of AI-powered marketing. This list includes:

Paul Roetzer | Founder & CEO, Marketing AI Institute

Dawn of the Next-Gen Marketer

You’ll leave Paul’s keynote with: the vision and opportunity for next-gen marketers who use AI to deliver the personalization and experiences modern consumers expect; unlock previously unimaginable creative possibilities; and drive efficiency, revenue growth, profits, and societal impact that leadership demands.

Martin Broadhurst | Digital Strategist, Broadhurst Digital Limited

How to Use AI in Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

You’ll leave Martin’s session with: An understanding of how AI can be used for inbound marketing, how it benefits an inbound strategy, and what tools you can use at different points throughout your inbound strategy.

Jeff Coyle | Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, MarketMuse

How to Use AI to Improve Content Efficiency

You’ll leave Jeff’s session with: A framework that ensures each piece of content drives the impact it should so you can maximize your investment.

Yash Gad, PhD | CEO, Ringer Sciences

Human in the Loop for Marketing Analysts

You’ll leave Yash’s session with: A better understanding of how marketing analytics can work hand in hand with data science to make sure you're telling the right story with your data.

Gemma Galdón Clavell, PhD | Founder & CEO, Eticas Research & Consulting

Ethical and Trustworthy AI: Lessons from the Front Lines

You’ll leave Gemma’s keynote with: Lessons learned on ethical and trustworthy AI, and details on how to practically incorporate good practice into AI development and thus avoid financial, legal, and reputational risks.

Tim Hayden | CEO, Brain+Trust

Machine-Learning Your Way to Web3 Readiness

You’ll leave Tim’s session with: An explanation of blockchain and digital currency, an update on growing privacy regulations, and ideas on ways for you to balance and leverage data and machine learning so you are future-ready.

Domhnaill Hernon | Global Lead, Cognitive Human Enterprise, EY

The Cognitive Human Enterprise: When AI, the Metaverse and Humanity Collide

Jeanne Hopkins | Chief Revenue Officer, OneScreen.ai

How to Use Offline Marketing to Support Your Online Efforts

Atalia Horenshtien | Customer Facing Data Scientist & Evangelist, DataRobot

How Do Companies Use AI and Predictive Analytics to Drive Marketing Strategy

The combination of human and artificial intelligence in marketing is highly needed, as marketing is increasingly becoming center-stage and accountable for business.

In this session, Horenshtien will share insights around AI and marketing through industry use cases. She'll also discuss how to leverage AI to increase marketing performance and ROI, and to be more critical to daily business activities.

Mike Kaput | Chief Content Officer, Marketing AI Institute

7 AI Tools and Intelligent Processes to Create Content at Scale

You’ll leave Mike’s session with: The tools and mindset to fundamentally rethink your content program to create better content faster, and a blueprint to use to scale your own content marketing program with the power of AI.

Christian Lachel | Chief Creative Officer, BRC Imagination Arts

Branded Destinations and New AI-Powered Hyper-Personalization

You’ll leave Christian’s session with: The rare opportunity of hearing how global brands are leading the way with innovative design and technologies to power mass personalization.

Christopher Penn | Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist, TrustInsights.ai

Exploratory Data Analysis: The Missing Step for AI

You’ll leave Chris’s session with: A better understanding of what exploratory data analysis is and isn't, how to conduct proper exploratory data analysis, and when to put the brakes on an AI project because your data isn't ready.

Tyson Quick | Founder & Chief Growth Officer, Postclick

Maximize ROAS Using Personalized Landing Page Experiences at Scale

You’ll leave Tyson’s session with: A framework to help you define your personalization strategy, and examples of how to create personalized landing page experiences at scale and increase ROAS

Christian Selchau-Hansen | CEO, Formation, Inc.

The Impact of AI & Machine Learning on Loyalty  Marketing

You’ll leave Christian’s session with: Tried and true examples of AI and machine learning automation that enabled the scale of personalization technologies to better engage every customer, and a better way to shift your organization’s mindset to see loyalty marketing as a revenue driver, not a cost center.

Jim Sterne | President, Target Marketing of Santa Barbara

Pick the Right Tool for the Job: When to Not Use AI

You’ll leave Jim’s session with: A framework to choose the right AI tool for your project based on variables such as impact on business, timing, complexity, and corporate culture, with an assurance of having a firm grasp of data bias and ethics.

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