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What Is the State of Marketing and Sales AI? Let's Find Out [WEBINAR]

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Artificial intelligence is pushing martech to unimaginable heights, and there’s no slowdown in innovations and improvement. Some questions we’ve heard from marketers include:

  • How will AI impact brands?
  • How will marketing jobs evolve?
  • What are the most valued marketing AI use cases?
  • How many marketing tasks will be intelligently automated?
  • What impact will AI have on accelerating revenue growth and reducing costs?
  • Are marketing teams ready for AI-powered digital transformation?

The short answer: The future is coming…and for marketers, it’s already here. This disruption is happening as we speak, altering entire industries, business models, and careers.

That’s why Marketing AI Institute and Drift have teamed up to publish the 2022 State of Marketing and Sales AI Report. The report contains insights from hundreds of marketing and sales professionals on their awareness, understanding, and adoption of AI. And we’re revealing the findings during a special webinar on June 30 at 12pm ET.

This report is the only research of its kind and delivers unparalleled insight into how marketers actually understand and use AI—information that is critical to any marketing or sales leader who wants to future-proof their business and career.

During the webinar, Marketing AI Institute founder and CEO Paul Roetzer will discuss the 2022 report with Aurelia Solomon, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Drift. They’ll break down the key findings from our research, plus the top AI use cases that our survey respondents revealed they’re looking for. Every webinar registrant will also receive a copy of the report after the webinar.

You’ll leave with:

  • Justification to take to your leadership team on why now is the time to increase the impact of your martech stack with AI-powered technologies
  • A snapshot of the marketing industry’s sophistication when it comes to AI
  • Tangible examples and use cases on the best avenues to begin your AI journey

Space is limited. Save your spot by filling out the form now for live and on-demand access. We hope to see you there!

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