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[Research] How Are Marketers Understanding and Adopting AI? Take Our Survey

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Wondering how to get started with AI? Take our on-demand Piloting AI for Marketers Series.

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Be a part of the 2022 State of Marketing and Sales AI Report! Take the survey today.

Marketing AI Institute and Drift teamed up in the fall of 2020 to gain unparalleled insights into the awareness, understanding, and adoption of AI throughout the marketing industry.

Using Marketing AI Institute's AI Score for Marketers assessment, marketers had the opportunity to answer survey questions, and rate the value of dozens of sample marketing AI use cases.

What we learned was that the marketing industry was on the cusp of the next frontier in digital transformation.

Marketers believed that AI-powered solutions would intelligently automate dozens of common marketing tasks, and drive value through revenue acceleration and cost reduction.

But, we had not reached the tipping point, yet.

More than 3,000 marketers and business leaders downloaded the resulting 2021 State of Marketing AI Report.

Now, we’re partnering with Drift again to see how the industry is progressing in its adoption of AI, and how AI is impacting your career and organization.

Be a part of the research by completing AI Score for Marketers today!

Using the assessment, respondents have the chance to answer 14 survey questions and rate the value of 50 sample AI use cases.

Anonymized responses will become part of this annual research report, and respondents will get early access to the findings, one week before the public release of the 2022 State of Marketing AI Report (June 2022).

By taking the survey, you’ll also unlock immediate access to your AI Score results page, which surfaces the use cases that you rate as high priorities, along with personalized recommendations for AI-powered vendors.  

In addition, 5 random participants will be selected to receive one-year, all-access memberships to the AI Academy for Marketers ($999 value) online education platform and community.

The survey takes just a short time to complete. We hope you'll consider helping us move marketing forward by taking the assessment.

Don’t miss the chance to offer your insights and experiences, while exploring AI use cases and technologies that can help create a competitive advantage for you, and your business.

Click here to take the survey.

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