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How to Leverage AI for Effective Marketing (Without Losing the Human Touch)


Webinar | Thursday, May 9 at 12 PM ET


AI is permeating every part of the marketing lifecycle. Marketers are adopting AI tools to enhance their campaigns and gain a competitive edge. With all of the available offerings, it’s challenging to determine the right balance of leveraging AI while ensuring that your content isn't becoming bland and robotic.

In this session, Emi Witt, VP of Marketing at Optimizely, breaks down:

  • Top uses cases for AI in marketing
  • How to uplevel ABM and personalization efforts with AI
  • How Optimizely integrates AI into their marketing strategy without sacrificing the human touch

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Emi Witt is the Global Vice President of Field and Event Marketing at Optimizely. She brings a wealth of experience in optimizing processes to address marketers' pain points. With a background in the tech industry and a track record of success, Emi is passionate about driving innovation and helping businesses achieve their goals. Based in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, she enjoys spending time with her family and their energetic black lab.



Cathy McPhillips is the Chief Growth Officer at Marketing AI Institute. Cathy oversees product and community growth, marketing, and sales for Marketing AI Institute, including our online community and customer experience at MAICON and AI Academy for Marketers.

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