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MAICON 2021: AI in Action Series

How to Advertise Smarter with AI

AI in Action - featuring AiAdvertising

AI in Action Webinar

Webinar On-Demand

You can leverage AI to eliminate ad waste and drive performance with full transparency. You’ll see AI in action when Kevin Myers, AiAdvertising's Chief Product and Marketing Officer gives you an inside look at real client examples and their results while using AiAdvertising's platform.

Learn how you can:  

  • Activate first-party data to develop personas
  • Predict hyper-personalized ad creative that wins
  • Activate ads through an omni-channel approach reaching the right customer with the right message on their preferred channel
  • Make informed decisions through interactive and dynamic dashboards
  • Get more from your marketing budget and increase your return on ad spend

Watch this video with Kevin Myers and their client Mike from CAT HOLT, where they dive into the Ai Ad platform. 


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