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AI in Action Series

How to Personalize Email with AI

AI in Action - featuring rasa.io



Erica Salm Rench, COO of rasa.io will explain how sending AI-powered personalized emails based on each customer will not only increase sales, but will also save time and reinvent your content curation game. rasa.io will share ESPN Radio and Fidelity Bank case study content where quality, personalized content was delivered at a higher frequency and directly impacted the bottom line.

You’ll leave this session understanding: 

  • How personalization is attainable and scalable, regardless of your list size or quality at program launch
  • How AI-powered tools like rasa.io integrate with systems and technologies you already have in place
  • How AI learns customer behaviors and adapts future sends to maintain relevancy


Watch this video with Erica Salm Rench where she explains how AI can power personalized, relevant newsletters. 


AI in Action - rasa.io


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