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MAICON 2021: AI in Action Series

Inside the Institute: A Hands-On Look at AI Tech We Use


AI in Action - featuring Marketing AI Institute

AI in Action Webinar

Webinar On-Demand

At the Marketing AI Institute, we're not just educating marketers about AI possibilities and use cases and their impact on marketing today. We're marketers, content marketers, and business leaders who have also seen the power of AI in our own roles. 

You’ll leave this session understanding: 

  • The benefits we’re seeing from using AI in our marketing
  • How our lean team has used AI to write blog posts, draft outlines, edit videos, create social media copy, and more
  • Our process for determining which technology to test, and how we decide if it's a good fit for us

Watch this video with Mike Kaput, Chief Content Officer, and Cathy McPhillips, Chief Growth Officer, to learn more about the AI-powered technologies our team is using. 

HubSpot Video


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