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AI in Action Series: MAICON 2022

How AI Can Motivate Your Customers
to Engage and Act

featuring Persado

AI in Action Webinar

Webinar On-Demand

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Explore key customer insights from a decade’s worth of AI experimentation and language analysis.

What motivates customers to engage and act? Over the past decade, Persado has leveraged 100 billion digital impressions, 1.2 billion consumer engagements, and the equivalent of 645 years of A/B tests to answer that question. The evolution of AI language generation into an AI purpose-built to motivate customer engagement is set to maximize the scale of conversion-driving brand communications.

And now, you can learn from what Motivation AI surfaced over the past three years: the language and motivators that inspired individuals to engage and act. Watch this webinar with Lisa Spira, Head of Content Intelligence at Persado, and Brianna O’Hara, Persado Director of Product Marketing, for an inside look at the Motivation AI platform and to discover: 

  • Key trends and motivators over the last three years of customer engagement 
  • How context shifts motivation to engage and what that means for brands
  • Best practices from our clients’ campaigns that drive conversion

Watch the video:

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