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AI in Action Event Series


MAICON 2022 Edition - On-Demand

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Access 3 AI in Action Webinars! 

Our AI in Action series is a free three-part online event designed to help marketers understand and apply AI. As a follow-up to MAICON 2022, we heard from our incredible AI-powered technology partners.


How AI Can Help Google Love Your Content 

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Learn how: 

  • To increase organic traffic and leads generated via content 
  • AI can make SEO understandable and actionable to content teams 
  • To create efficiencies throughout all stages of your process
  • One bad page can bring affect your whole website, and how AI can identify and mitigate issues 

How AI Can Power Your Ad Campaigns


Learn how to:

  • Build custom audiences and digital marketing campaigns with AI
  • Develop brand strategies through smarter insights
  • Garner faster media placements by focusing on those most likely to convert
  • See what works and what doesn’t so you can plan for what’s next

How AI Can Motivate Your Customers to Engage and Act



  • Key trends and motivators over the last three years of customer engagement 
  • How context shifts motivation to engage and what that means for brands
  • Best practices from our clients’ campaigns that drive conversion

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