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MyHeritage AI Time Machine: What It Is and Why It Matters

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MyHeritage AI Time Machine is a new tool that creates stunning AI avatars of you in different time periods.

Here’s how it works…

You upload 10-25 photos of yourself taken at different angles. Then, MyHeritage’s AI creates realistic portraits of you in a range of historical settings, like Ancient Greece or medieval times.

The AI-generated images look just like you…if, you know, you were a Roman soldier or a Pharaoh. 

It’s a cool twist on the hyper-popular AI photo app concept (think: Lensa). And it’s generating a ton of buzz.


There are two big reasons a tool like MyHeritage AI Time Machine matters.

1. It’s a stunning example of how to create next-gen marketing with AI.

“It’s genius marketing,” says Paul Roetzer, founder/CEO of Marketing AI Institute, in Episode 27 of the Marketing AI Show.

Think about it:

If you’re the marketing team at MyHeritage, you’ve used AI to create an absolutely unique marketing asset that attracts a massive amount of attention.

MyHeritage AI Time Machine is so impressive, all everyone wants to do is try it out and talk about it. 

It’s a marketing home run. 

“As marketers, you want to look at AI and ask: ‘What are we capable of doing to market our brand that we couldn’t do before?,’” says Roetzer.

2. It makes AI accessible to everyone.

Tools like MyHeritage AI Time Machine, as well as ChatGPT and DALL-E 2, are easy for anyone to use and experiment with. In the process, anyone can see first-hand what AI is capable of.

This point matters…

The best way to help consumers (and business leaders) understand the opportunity AI presents is to provide them with vivid, tangible examples of the technology.

“Once you understand AI, you start to think about things very differently,” says Roetzer. 

That, in turn, helps you connect the dots in your own career and business about how AI can accelerate your job and company.

MyHeritage provides an example here:

AI Time Machine is just their latest foray into genius marketing using AI.

They’ve previously released DeepStory, an AI-powered tool that turns historical photos of your ancestors into video biographies.

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