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MAICON 2022 Bundle

Watch our MAICON 2022 main stage sessions on-demand.

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MAICON 2022 Bundle

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MAICON 2022 On-Demand

Launching Aug. 31, 2022



MAICON 2022 is being held Aug. 3 - 5 in Cleveland, Ohio. Not able to attend the event, or want to re-watch your favorite sessions? Then, the MAICON 2022 bundle is for you! 

With the theme "Next-Gen. Now," MAICON 2022 content is designed to help marketers better understand what's possible with AI through case studies, methodologies, and technologies.

Enjoy on-demand access to all 14 of our main stage sessions, including sessions from Amazon Web Services, EY, Google and Marketing AI Institute. See below for the full list: 

  • AI in the Cloud: How Marketers Can Power Prediction, Personalization, and Performance through Cloud Solutions, Albert Esplugas, Head of AI Solutions Marketing, Amazon Web Services
  • A Match Made in Heaven: Boosting Creative Effectiveness and Marketing ROI with AI and Neuroscience, Julia Saswito, Head of Strategy, aimpower
  • Dawn of the Next-Gen Marketer, Paul Roetzer, Founder & CEO, Marketing AI Institute
  • Deep Learning and the AI Innovations Driving Marketing’s Future, Vedant Misra AI Researcher, Google
  • Ethical and Trustworthy AI: Lessons from the Front Lines, Gemma Galdón Clavell, PhD Founder & CEO, Eticas Research & Consulting
  • Exploratory Data Analysis: The Missing Step for AI, Christoper Penn, Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist, TrustInsights.ai
  • How Do Companies Use AI and Predictive Analytics to Drive Marketing Strategy, Atalia Horenshtien, Customer Facing Data Scientist & Evangelist, DataRobot
  • Human in the Loop for Marketing Analysts, Yash Gad, PhD CEO, Ringer Sciences
  • Language AI and the Future of Writing: How Natural Language Processing and Generation Automate and Augment Storytelling, panel including Mike Kaput Chief Content Officer, Marketing AI Institute; Jeff Coyle Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, MarketMuse; Christopher Penn Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist, TrustInsights.ai; and Lisa Spira Head of Content Intelligence, Persado
  • Machine-Learning Your Way to Web3 Readiness, Tim Hayden, CEO, Brain+Trust
  • The Cognitive Human Enterprise: When AI, the Metaverse and Humanity Collide, Domhnaill Hernon, Global Lead, Cognitive Human Enterprise, EY
  • Using Experiential Data & AI to Build Long-Term Customer Relationships and Engagement, Jonathan Yaffe, CEO & Co-Founder, Any Road
  • Vision AI and the Future of Video and Design: How Advances in Image and Video Recognition and Generation Are Altering (and Enhancing) Human Creativity, panel featuring: Stefan Britton Director, Enterprise Innovation Solutions Shutterstock, Inc.; Apoorva Dornadula, Co-Founder & Head of Engineering, Viralspace (acq. by Smartly); Kirk Iwanowski CMO AnyClip; and Mike Kaput, Chief Content Officer, Marketing AI Institute.

Pre-register for the bundle today to gain the insights and technologies to advance yourself, and prepare your team for the age of AI. 

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