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The Skeptical Marketer’s Guide to Making AI Your Content Copilot with Casted


Webinar | On-Demand


Does AI feel like a double-edged sword right now? 

Sure, it is promising, but your boss thinks it will make you 500x more productive and you are worried about delivering on that promise. Plus, how well is AI even working across all of these various applications? 

Applying AI to content is even more sensitive because your brand promise is your narrative. And you know the most human brands – brands that really connect deeply with buyers – are the ones that win. And, handing the keys of your brand story over to a machine just doesn’t feel right. The creativity, personal knowledge, and humanity YOU add to your work is critically important.

This webinar is here to help you navigate concerns around AI and come out on top with an AI-powered approach to marketing that is both more intelligent and more human. 

Hear from experts who are creating, and using, these technologies. Join Casted’s COO, Adam Patarino, Casted’s CEO, Lindsay Tjepkema, and Marketing AI Institute’s Mike Kaput, to learn:

  • Why it’s so important to incorporate AI into your marketing the right way.
  • How to make AI your content copilot across use cases like: content cataloging, promotion, optimization, social, and more.
  • What considerations and risks to navigate as you make your brand more human at scale with AI.

Register for on-demand access to this webinar and learn how to implement AI effectively and responsibly in your marketing work.



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Lindsay Tjepkema is CEO and co-founder at Casted, the world’s leading podcasting and video platform for B2B marketers. With two decades of hands-on experience in marketing leadership and as a tech founder, Lindsay shares her experiences as a speaker, podcaster, and member of the Forbes Business Council and the Entrepreneur Leadership Network.


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Adam Patarino is the CTO and co-founder at Casted. He's a lifelong technologist and entrepreneur passionate about creating excellent customer experiences through software. Adam is also a new father, home cook, and hobbyist musician.




Mike Kaput is the Chief Content Officer at Marketing AI Institute. Kaput uses content marketing, marketing strategy, and marketing technology to grow and scale traffic, leads, and revenue. Kaput is the co-author of Marketing Artificial Intelligence: AI, Marketing and the Future of Business.

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