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3 Powerful Ways to Use AI in Your Advertising

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Artificial intelligence can give marketers superpowers, especially when it comes to AI in advertising.

AI-powered tools and technologies have the ability to make ads more intelligent and more human at scale. It’s an outcome Google calls “one of advertising’s most-sought goals.”

In fact, there are four powerful ways you can start using AI in your advertising today.

1. Media Buying and Ad Optimization

Albert is an AI marketing platform for the enterprise that drives fully autonomous digital marketing campaigns.

The platform’s capabilities include autonomous media buying, as well as AI-powered ad testing and optimization.

Albert’s system makes purchasing decisions “based on widespread multivariate testing of audiences, bids, keywords, targeting, domains and placements” across Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram—to name a few.

The system automates purchasing, bid adjustment, and campaign activity structure to deliver fully optimized ad campaigns without human involvement.

2. Writing More Effective Ads

Most marketers leave ad copywriting to the last minute, preferring to focus on ad targeting and placement across digital channels.

AI-powered company Phrasee thinks you’re leaving money on the table.

Phrasee started out with an artificial intelligence solution that wrote marketing email subject lines better than humans.

They’ve now used that technology on Facebook and Instagram ads. AI can now write social media advertising for you.

The AI used by Phrasee’s tool assesses a brand’s voice and copy, then produces machine-written language in minutes. Their ad product recently reduced one client’s cost-per-lead by 31%.

3. Spy on Your Competition’s Ad Strategy

AI doesn’t just help you create, test, and buy ads better. It can also help you plan out your ad strategy.

Pathmatics is used by brands, agencies, ad tech companies, and publishers to build competitive advantages in their brand management, advertising, and business development activities. The tool uses machine learning to display exactly how brands spend their ad budgets online.

Pathmatics will show you everything from how much a competitor spends to the impressions each ad is generating to the specific creative being used—across Facebook, YouTube, display, native, mobile, video and Twitter.

You can even see what sites your competition advertises on, how they buy their ads (direct or indirect), and see where they aren’t advertising.

That information can then be used to plan your own ad strategy—and counter the strategies being used by the competition.

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