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Learn How to Get Started with Artificial Intelligence at the AI in Marketing Symposium [San Francisco Event]

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Is it time to maximize your marketing efforts and boost ROI?

If so, you’ll want to join us for an exclusive event in July on how to achieve those goals using artificial intelligence.

Insight Exchange Network’s AI in Marketing Symposium gathers top marketers, technologists and AI experts together to achieve one goal: 

Apply artificial intelligence to real-world marketing efforts.

At the event, marketing leaders from IBM Watson and Salesforce will present alongside AI marketing practitioners from AI organizations like Cortex, Acrolinx and the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute.

Topics covered include:

  • How to make your content marketing artificially intelligent.
  • Campaign optimization using machine learning.
  • AI-powered visual content.
  • Better personalization and customer segmentation using  predictive analytics.
  • How to power brand experiences and customer insights with AI.
  • Content automation with natural language generation.
  • Much, much more actionable information.


The event is going down from July 18-19 at the Marines’ Memorial Club in San Francisco.

Sound up your alley?

We have an exclusive discount for you at the end of this post. 

9 Reasons to Attend the AI in Marketing Symposium

Why is the event worth attending? There are 9 reasons this event is valuable:

  • Hear from industry experts who will demystify AI and describe leading-edge applications of artificial intelligence being used in marketing today.
  • Maintain your competitive edge by understanding how to implement AI-powered marketing technologies.
  • Learn how AI can provide highly tailored and curated content to the right customers at the right time.
  • Find out how advancements in AI-powered chatbots can improve the customer experience and provide valuable insights.
  • Develop more complete customer profiles by “intelligently” tracking behavior across channels.
  • Assess the latest innovations in predictive analytics and the implications for one-to-one marketing.
  • Capitalize on advances in programmatic advertising that spends the right amount and targets the right viewers.
  • Discover how to improve customer segmentation with machine learning.
  • Unlock the value of your first-party data by gleaning valuable insights through AI-driven data mining.


Oh, and there’s one other reason:

You get to connect with the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute. 

How to Connect with the Marketing AI Institute at the AI in Marketing Symposium

Founder Paul Roetzer will present during two talks: 

1. Executive Roundtable: The State of AI in Marketing and a Look to the Future (1:40-2:25pm on July 18) — AI experts discuss the growing importance of artificial intelligence to marketers and answer questions about AI, machine learning, deep learning and the business problems these technologies solve. Panelists include:

  • Loren McDonald (@LorenMcDonald), Marketing Evangelist, Digital Marketing Agencies, IBM Watson Marketing
  • Paul Roetzer (@paulroetzer), Founder, Marketing AI Institute; CEO / Founder, PR 20/20
  • Chuck Parker, President and Publisher, Automotive Information Network, Inc.
  • Andrew Ruegger (@aruegger), Senior Partner, Head of Data Science, GroupM Catalyst


2. Cognitive Content Marketing: The Path to a More (Artificially) Intelligent Future (2:25-3:00pm on July 18) — Roetzer outlines what the disruption of other industries can teach us about the inevitable impact of AI on marketing—and learn about the marketing technology companies that are leading the way in advanced automation, predictive analytics and machine-generated content.

Both Marketing AI Institute founder Paul Roetzer and managing editor Mike Kaput (that’s me) will be in attendance—and we’d love to connect with you at the event.

Get in touch here.

Who Should Attend the AI in Marketing Symposium?

Anyone in a marketing, sales or technology function who wants to implement AI profitably should attend.

To get an idea if that means you, here are the titles of some current attendees: 

  • CMO
  • CTO
  • CXO
  • CIO
  • CDO
  • VP and director of:
    • Marketing
    • Marketing Research
    • Customer Insights
    • Marketing Technology
    • Technologists
    • Innovation
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • User Experience
  • Service Providers such as consultants and software providers.

20% Discount on Tickets to the AI in Marketing Symposium

Our friends at Insight Exchange Network, the organizers of the AI in Marketing Symposium, are taking 20% off the ticket price for Marketing AI Institute Readers. 

To take advantage of the discount, enter code AIMS when you purchase tickets here.

We will connect you with event organizers to register you at the special price.

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