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Grow Smarter with HubSpot + AI

Webinar | Available On-Demand

Discover how to harness the power of AI and HubSpot.

Whether you're an existing HubSpot customer, or considering HubSpot as your marketing, sales and service platform, we invite you to join Marketing AI Institute and HubSpot for an exclusive webinar that teaches you how to grow better (and grow smarter!) with HubSpot and AI. 

How can you use artificial intelligence within your HubSpot portal to drive explosive growth? How can you increase revenue and decrease costs with AI + HubSpot?

HubSpot has 86,000+ customers in more than 120 countries—and all of them have access to AI capabilities that the company has been strategically developing for years across marketing, sales and service. And any marketing or sales pro using HubSpot can tap into these capabilities to grow better and grow smarter.

This exclusive on-demand webinar shows you how.

Kevin Walsh, Group Product Manager of Artificial Intelligence at HubSpot, joins Marketing AI Institute and PR 20/20 founder and CEO Paul Roetzer to pull back the curtain on how companies can use HubSpot + AI to grow better and grow smarter. 

In the webinar, Grow Smarter with HubSpot + AI, you’ll get actionable insights you can’t get anywhere else—from experts on the frontlines of HubSpot + AI.

Roetzer’s Marketing AI Institute helps marketers understand, pilot and scale AI, while his agency, PR 20/20, was HubSpot’s first agency partner. Walsh plays a leading role in HubSpot’s AI roadmap. In the webinar, you’ll learn from both of them:

  • How to use HubSpot’s native AI capabilities for better data cleanliness, content optimization, sales enablement and more.
  • How to use HubSpot’s partner ecosystem to find and deploy AI integrations, using real examples from PR 20/20’s work using HubSpot + AI for clients.
  • How to prepare for HubSpot’s AI-powered future and get a head start on the competition using HubSpot + AI.


The webinar also includes a Q+A session to address audience questions.

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