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[Dec. 9, 2020] Deploy Smarter Advertising with Pattern89 + AI 

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Join Marketing AI Institute and Pattern89 for an exclusive webinar on Dec. 9 that shows you how to use AI to predict your top-performing marketing creative.

Everyone's craving predictability, and with artificial intelligence, marketers can have it.

Despite the ups, downs and ever-changing trends, AI already knows what creative decisions will help you win in 2021. By analyzing billions of advertiser data points, it can predict what creative to use in your campaigns...before they ever launch. 

In an exclusive, on-demand webinar, leaders at Pattern89 and the Marketing AI Institute will teach you: 

  • What creative to use, and what to avoid, today and tomorrow.
  • How AI is the key to understanding your audiences in every campaign and funnel stage.
  • Why trusting the data-backed insights of machine learning will make you an even better advertiser.


[On-Demand] Grow Smarter with HubSpot + AI 

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Discover how to harness the power of AI + HubSpot. 

Marketing AI Institute and PR 20/20 founder and CEO Paul Roetzer is joined by Kevin Walsh, Group Product Manager of Artificial Intelligence at HubSpot, to pull back the curtain on how companies can use HubSpot + AI to grow better and grow smarter. 

In the webinar, Grow Smarter with HubSpot + AI, you’ll get actionable insights you can’t get anywhere else—from experts on the frontlines of HubSpot + AI.

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[On-Demand] Transforming Marketing Using AI and Data 

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Discover how to use data and AI to drive marketing results. 

Presented by Mobilewalla SVP, Marketing Laurie Hood and hosted by Marketing AI Institute CEO Paul Roetzer, the webinar is a must-attend for business leaders who want to build a competitive advantage with AI and data.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to use data and machine learning to increase the impact of your marketing programs.

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[On-Demand] Piloting AI: Get Started with Artificial Intelligence

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Explore use cases, technologies and a practical framework that makes AI approachable and actionable for marketers and executives.

There are two primary reasons you should consider seeking AI-powered solutions in your marketing: 1) reduce costs and/or 2) increase revenue. 

As you’re building your marketing AI strategy, look for the obvious opportunities to drive efficiency and reduce costs with intelligent automation. But, how do you identify the right use cases? And how do you get started? This webinar has the answers.


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[On-Demand] How to Use the Marketer-to-Machine Scale to Buy AI Technology 

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Leading brands know that in order to deliver the personalization and experiences modern consumers expect, marketing must become smarter. It must become marketer + machine.

During this on-demand webinar with Paul Roetzer, you will learn best practices for identifying AI uses cases for your business, evaluating and rating AI-powered technologies, and integrating AI solutions into your marketing technology stack, team and strategies.


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[On-Demand] From Content to Conversion: Why Conversational Engagement Is Your Quickest Route to ROI

Learn how to use AI-enabled chat in your marketing.

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McKinsey found businesses who provide outstanding digital experiences to their buyers are more than twice as likely to be chosen. But the reality is that B2B websites aren’t built for the customer-led, always-on digital experience buyers have come to expect.

Join Drift’s Mark Kilens and Kyle Bastien to learn:

  • How to use AI enabled chat to start and continue conversations with your buyers at every stage of their buying journey.
  • Why immediate buyer engagement is your easiest way to ensure high ROI.
  • What our new conversational marketing blueprint is and how you can use it to drive conversions across all your channels.

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[On-Demand] 5 Use Cases for AI in Content Marketing

Learn how to use artificial intelligence to improve your content.

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MarketMuse co-founder and Chief Product Officer Jeff Coyle details several exciting use cases for AI in content marketing, including ways you can use natural language generation (NLG) to make your content smarter. Access the webinar on-demand to gain insight into how AI can:

  • Identify gaps and opportunities in yours and competitive content.
  • Prioritize topics on which to focus.
  • Predict and improve performance prior to publishing.
  • Create content drafts using natural language generation.
  • Increase efficiency across the entire content process.

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[On-Demand] Data and the Next Decade: What to Expect and How to Prepare

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Learn how to drive real business results by applying artificial intelligence to your data.

As we move into the next decade, consumer interaction with data and devices will increase exponentially, creating new opportunities for brands to engage. The good news is, AI and machine learning technologies will allow us to more effectively harness all that data and drive more, and deeper insights out of it than ever before.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to produce real results for your business with AI — with expert advice direct from a company leading the artificial intelligence revolution.

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[On-Demand] How to Stay Top of Mind with AI-Powered Newsletters

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Learn how to use AI-powered personalized newsletters to stay top of mind with customers and prospects.

How does your business keep in touch with customers when you're not selling to them?

With AI-powered personalized email newsletters, any size company can add real value to the inbox of prospects and customers — while driving more meaningful conversions.

The result? Stronger, longer-lasting, and more profitable relationships — completely automated by artificial intelligence. This webinar shows you how.

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[On-Demand] Should AI Enable You or Your Buyers?

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Learn how to hyper-personalize your B2B marketing at scale with artificial intelligence.

It's never been more important for B2B marketers to adopt artificial intelligence. That's because B2B buyers have changed. They look more like consumers and increasingly self-direct their own buying processes. And the only way to keep up—despite the proliferation of new technologies and tactics—is to hyper-personalize the buyer journey using AI.

Easier said than done. 

This on-demand webinar from PathFactory and Marketing AI Institute is here to help.

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