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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to AI in Marketing

This guide will help you understand AI and how to use it in your marketing—fast.

Last Updated: 12/2019

AI Courses

Online courses pack a lot of material into a very efficient format, but they do usually require a multi-week commitment to complete. If you’re ready for that, we’ve listed the top three courses we’ve taken. (Hint: The first one alone will put you ahead of 99% of marketers.)

The best part? They’re all free.

1. AI for Everyone

Andrew Ng is co-founder of Coursera, adjunct professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, and formerly chief scientist at Baidu and the founding lead of Google Brain. His new, non-technical course, AI For Everyone, aims to teach students about the language of AI, how to drive AI adoption, and AI's potential impact on society.

On Coursera, the course description reads: "If you want your organization to become better at using AI, this is the course to tell everyone--especially your non-technical colleagues--to take."

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2. Google Machine Learning Crash Course

Google is one of the top players in AI/machine learning, and they offer their artificial intelligence crash course for free—the same one they require all of their engineers to take. Why give away their secrets for free?

According to their developer's blog: “We believe that the potential of machine learning is so vast that every technical person should learn machine learning fundamentals.”

The awesome thing about Google’s machine learning crash course is that it’s really not that technical. Sure, you’ll want to understand basic math concepts, but expertise in calculus isn’t required.

The best advice we can offer is to not get too caught up in the tiny details. Focus on the broad picture and the basic concepts. Even if your goal is just to understand AI (rather than build it), this course will be beneficial.

The whole course is about 15 hours long and we highly recommend it for any marketer.

Get the Course3. Microsoft AI School

Microsoft offers a more self-directed option for AI learners through its AI School site. The site lets you build your own path to learn AI across disciplines, including business AI, conversational AI, machine learning, and AI services.

Once you pick your path, Microsoft provides a series of modules on key topics. Modules are each labeled with the amount of time they take to complete and their difficulty level, so you can learn at your own pace.

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AI Academy for Marketers is an online education platform that helps you understand, pilot and scale artificial intelligence.