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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to AI in Marketing

This guide will help you understand AI and how to use it in your marketing—fast.

Last Updated: 12/2019

AI Influencers

Following the top minds in AI and marketing AI is another way to dramatically shorten your learning curve. You’ll learn direct from experts who share valuable content anytime you’re scrolling through social media feeds.

As part of our ongoing work at the Marketing AI Institute, we’re tracking influencers in different areas of marketing AI through a series of Twitter lists.

AI Leaders Twitter List

Individuals who share useful content and insights about AI, either in marketing or in general.

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Marketing AI Brands Twitter List

Brands that use AI in their product or have plans to incorporate AI into their product roadmap.

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MAICON 2019 Speakers Twitter List

Individuals who are speaking at the 2019 Marketing AI Conference (MAICON) that we are hosting in Cleveland, Ohio from July 16-18.

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