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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to AI in Marketing

This guide will help you understand AI and how to use it in your marketing—fast.

Last Updated: 12/2019

AI Webinars

Webinars are a great way to go deep on a topic in an interactive, visual format. And, it just so happens we've got a couple great webinars that are completely free—all on the topic of AI of course.

1. Piloting AI: Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence

There are two primary reasons you should consider seeking AI-powered solutions in your marketing: 1) reduce costs and/or 2) increase revenue. 

As you’re building your marketing AI strategy, look for the obvious opportunities to drive efficiency and reduce costs with intelligent automation. 

But, how do you identify the right use cases? And how do you get started?

This webinar will help you start your first AI pilot project, no matter how big or small your company is.

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2. Should AI Enable You or Your Buyers?

Learn how to apply B2B marketing AI in this on-demand webinar from Marketing AI Institute and PathFactory.

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AI Academy for Marketers is an online education platform that helps you understand, pilot and scale artificial intelligence.