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5 Ways to Get Started with Marketing AI Today
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By: Mike Kaput

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August 2nd, 2017

5 Ways to Get Started with Marketing AI Today

Too many marketers move too slowly when it comes to adopting artificial intelligence. There are good reasons for this:

  • They don’t know where to start with AI.
  • They lack the internal buy-in or resources to test or adopt AI systems.
  • They don’t see the need for AI or believe it will impact their business.


But while these are legitimate barriers, they can also act as excuses to delay action.

And delaying action is dangerous.

AI is quickly reshaping the marketing industry. Marketing automation leaders like HubSpot are building it into their platforms. Salesforce is using AI across its entire product suite.

The era of marketing AI is going to be upon us sooner than we think. Getting started with AI fast is important: doing so will help you build momentum and motivate you to overcome the barriers listed above.

Here’s how to accelerate your introduction to AI.

1. Read the right material.

You don’t need to know everything about AI to get started using it. But you do need to understand the capabilities and limitations of AI technologies.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of hype out there about what AI can and can’t do. It’s easy to get bogged down reading article after article, without truly learning much.

We put together a list of the 12 artificial intelligence articles marketers should read. We think this list gives you a solid grasp of where AI is at today, and where it might be going. The list is divided into sections on what AI is, common misconceptions, and why it matters.

2. Look for actual case studies.

Always look for companies actually using AI. There’s a lot of talk about what’s possible—and it’s not always backed up by fact. The following links are great places to read about some real use cases:


We also publish case studies regularly on the Marketing AI Institute website. Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss them.

3. Lean on a lot of different experts.

Here’s the truth about AI experts: even the smartest ones know only a fraction of what’s going on in AI. That’s because AI is a complex field of many overlapping technologies. It’s quite possible to understand one field better than anyone in the world, while being in the dark about what’s going on in other fields.

That means sampling a wide variety of expert advice is critical to get the whole picture about what’s happening in AI. Look for experienced practitioners who have actually used AI or run AI companies. This article is an excellent place to find some of them:


4. Look to your existing tech. 

The existing automation, CRM, or other marketing technology you use might have AI baked in already. If it does, there’s no better way to begin experimenting.

For instance, we use marketing automation software HubSpot frequently. The company has started to use AI in aspects of its platform, including for content strategy and predictive lead scoring. This makes it much easier for our team, especially those unfamiliar with AI, to see the tech in action and get comfortable with how to augment their work using AI.

If your tech doesn’t have AI, call up your provider and ask how they plan to integrate AI into their products. Their roadmap will help you understand how AI may impact your day-to-day work.

5. Find tools that are easy to test.

There are plenty of AI solutions you can implement to make your marketing more personalized, productive, and predictive. But some are easier to implement than others.

That’s just the reality: some tools need to be trained on extensive datasets or configured to your organization's data. But other tools offer free trials or accounts that you can use to test AI today. To see a few AI tools in action, try out the following solutions:

  • IBM Watson Analytics — You can try IBM’s AI analysis tool for free. It’s relatively easy to upload data and surface insights with the help of machine learning.
  • PaveAI — PaveAI turns Google Analytics data into written reports. Use a free trial to connect your Google Analytics account and start auto-generating reports.
  • Crayon — Sign up free to test drive this AI-powered competitive intelligence tool. It’ll show you exactly how companies are updating their websites, and what you can learn from those changes.
    Get actionable advice on AI: View the Marketing AI Buyer's Guide: New call-to-action


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