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How to Chat With Your Data and Instantly Visualize It With AI

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What if you could chat with your data (just like you do with ChatGPT), and instantly analyze and visualize it?

That's the promise of Akkio, a generative business intelligence tool for data analysis. With Akkio, you can use generative AI right in your analytics, chatting with live marketing data to get insights and create visualizations.

We spoke with Julia Dunlea, VP of Marketing at Akkio, to learn more about this AI-powered solution.

In a single sentence or statement, describe Akkio.

Akkio is the easiest way for marketers to use generative AI for analytics—letting them chat with their live marketing data to get insights, create instant visualizations, and deploy predictive machine learning models for forecasts and operations.

How does Akkio use artificial intelligence in its products?

Akkio gives marketers the power to use generative AI analytics and machine learning in their everyday operations and decision making, so they can drive greater impact by identifying issues, improving content, anticipating customer behavior—and anything else they can imagine.

Our generative AI analytics lets marketers seamlessly explore and transform their data through chat, instantly create dashboards, and understand patterns and key decision drivers often hidden in the data.

But we don’t stop there, we also give marketers the power of machine learning to build and deploy models for tasks like lead scoring and sales forecasting. Most marketers never get access to data science teams, but that all changes with Akkio. Our platform lets you build predictive models in minutes. You don’t need consultants, a PhD, or the ability to code, you just need to connect your dataset to Akkio to understand the past, predict the future, and act on it.

What are the primary marketing use cases for your AI-powered solutions?

There are two key ways marketers use Akkio: Generative AI analytics to understand what has happened and predictive machine learning to look into the future.

Together, these tools provide a powerful view into data to help marketers make more meaningful decisions based on resources, spend, and content. Everyday, we see marketers using Akkio to create generative dashboards, answer questions through natural language chat, and make models for predicting lead scores, content performance, customer LTV prediction, SEO, sales forecasting, churn reduction, deal size prediction, and more.

One of our customers, Sterling Strategies, saw a 2x increase in revenue after using Akkio for lead scoring. Read their case study here.

What makes your AI-powered solution smarter than traditional approaches and products?

Akkio is fast, easy, accurate, and powerful—like a data scientist sidekick that lets users focus on making decisions and taking action.

With large language models and state of the art neural networks working behind the scenes, we enable non-technical teams to take advantage of the most powerful AI capabilities available to increase efficiency and impact.

Are there any minimum requirements for marketers to get value out of your AI-powered technology? (e.g. data, list size, etc.)

As long as users have historical data and questions about predicting the future, they can use Akkio to easily analyze their data, build dashboards and create a machine learning model. We have customers getting value from as few as 1,000 records and as many as 300 million records.

Who are your ideal customers in terms of company size and industries?

We are industry-agnostic, and can work with any use case. However, we work best with small and medium sized companies that are looking to invest in AI, but might not have a data science team.

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What do you see as the limitations of AI as it exists today?

The biggest limitations of AI today are ease of use and affordability.

There are so many amazing things that AI and machine learning can do for companies, but if the tools aren’t simple, intuitive, or affordable, only a limited number of people can actually harness this power.

In addition, it’s so important to try out a tool before you purchase because there are a lot of businesses that haven’t battle tested their solutions yet, and while they may be touting interesting capabilities, marketers need to validate their security, usability, and ability to work as intended.

What do you see as the future potential of AI in marketing?

Up until recently, only large corporations had the resources to access the benefits of AI. Now, as AI tools become more accessible and easier for everyone to use, every marketer will have AI superpowers at their fingertips. AI will be embedded in their daily workflows, from optimizing marketing spend in real time to quickly generating better content, automatically forecasting key outcomes, creating audience segmentation, and everywhere in between.

AI has the power to make us significantly more efficient, allowing us to spend more time on high-level strategy, rather than tedious tasks, and the impact that will have on our companies, the economy, and the world in general will be infinite.

Any other thoughts on AI in marketing, or advice for marketers who are just starting with AI?

We as a society and workforce have a rare opportunity in front of us. With AI, we have the chance to not only help our companies leap ahead, but progress our careers as marketers.

The ones that seize the day by adopting AI into their everyday lives will be the ones to carve the way for the future, and that is what truly excites me about this moment.

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