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Angela Pham from Facebook Speaking at Marketing AI Conference (MAICON)
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By: Paul Roetzer

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May 21st, 2019

Angela Pham from Facebook Speaking at Marketing AI Conference (MAICON)

Angela Pham (@angelapham), UX Content Strategist at Facebook, will be presenting "Automated but Not Autonomous: How to Talk to Users in a Machine Learning World" at the Marketing AI Conference (MAICON) on July 16-18, 2019. 

In her session, Angela will share insights and examples of how Facebook, one of the most used interfaces in the world, is able to use technology to scale a 1:1 conversation to 2 billion customers, without losing the human touch.

She will also share her personal experiences and expectations as a content strategy professional, on how her work and role will evolve under the influence of, and with the support of, advanced marketing technology. 

Meet: Angela Pham

AngelaAngela is a storyteller, strategist and writer with a knack for turning complex things into compelling stories. From the murky to the mundane, she loves explaining obscure topics so audiences better understand a message. 

She's currently a UX content strategist at Facebook's News Feed and Stories team, which means she chooses the words we use in the interface for two billion people. Her past roles included managing thought leadership content at PwC, facilitating on content strategy, and editing at niche magazines.

She is the founder of the Facebook employee group Socioeconomic Diversity@, and an advocate for socioeconomically disadvantaged communities.

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