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Become a Marketing AI Pioneer (MAICON Opening Keynote Video)

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In July 2019, 300 marketing leaders from 12 countries came together in Cleveland, Ohio for the inaugural Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON).

Paul Roetzer, Marketing AI Institute founder and MAICON creator, kicked off the event with the opening keynote, Become a Marketing AI Pioneer.

The 25-minute presentation covers the opportunity for marketing to become more intelligent and for brands to become more human. 

Being an AI pioneer comes with great responsibility. 

Personalization, without invasion of privacy.

Intelligent automation, without dehumanization. 

Roetzer highlights 12 things marketers need to know about AI, and the five steps to get started.

He ends the talk on a personal note about what remains “uniquely human” as the use of intelligent automation accelerates across the marketing industry. 

We can teach machines to be human-like. We can tell them what to predict, and we can decide what to do with those predictions. 

We can give them the ability to see, hear, speak, move, write and, even, in some capacity, understand.

But, we can’t make them human. 

And, as marketers, we must never forget that.

We aren’t trying to replace humans. We’re trying to unlock their true potential.

Check out the full video now, and register today for MAICON 2020, July 14 - 16.



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